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    Default Cash item transfer

    So i've decided on a look for my Demon Avenger:

    The problem is, the overall and the wings I got recently from Premium Surprise Style Boxes on my Kanna, they are still tradeable, but i'm worried about the trading process and would like some clarification:

    So my Kanna does a "cash item trade" with a friend, and they trade it to my Demon Avenger right? Is it that simple? or is there something preventing this? are there any rules that i'm not aware of?

    Probably a stupid question I know, but it's just for peace of mind. Thanks!

  2. Default Re: Cash item transfer

    I did that with a few items before and there was no problem.

  3. Default Re: Cash item transfer

    Yeah, the only issue is either having a way to run a second MS yourself or a friend you can trust to hold the things while you switch characters.



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