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  1. Default Exp Loss on Death calculations

    Moderator note: Split this off another discussion, I think it deserves its own.

    Kinda on topic(@ the cannoneer card at least)

    Notice the EXP from the ambition SS and the death SS.
    Either they don't work, or they work totally different from what I(we?) was thinking. s:
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  2. Default Re: ... Bother making a Xenon?

    Well, Ambition isn't really lose x% less EXP, it changes your EXP loss to x%, on a character with 0 Ambition, it displays -10% EXP, it's not like you don't lose any EXP when you have 0 Ambition, right?, and decreases as you level it.

    If we take -7.5% as the base EXP loss, then the other sources of EXP loss reduction can be one of three things, they either subtract directly from the base EXP loss, which isn't the case (or it is, and it's just not working right, but that'd be super OP), they all add together and reduce the base EXP loss by that much, are they're all multiplicative with each other and base EXP.

    In the second two cases, you'd lose either 7.5 * [1 - (0.04 + 0.02)] = 7.05% EXP, case 1, or 7.5 * (1 - 0.04) * (1 - 0.02) = 7.056% EXP, case 2. Just by subtracting, you appear to have lost 7.05%, but the precision on the EXP percentages isn't very high.

    I don't know the EXP required to level from 183 to 184, but Basil says it's 435,050,483 EXP, and you go from 251,587,858 -> 220,953,090 EXP, so you lost (251,587,858 - 220,953,090)/435,050,483 = 7.042% EXP.

    This could be a case of rounding somewhere, whatever it is, we'd need more data to be sure, but also, I think someone already did this, for some reason, either @Takebacker; or @SaptaZapta; comes to mind.

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    Default Re: ... Bother making a Xenon?

    The Ambition one is reversed. You start out with -10.0% at 0 Ambition, and max out at -5.0% at level 100. It shows what you lose, not what you save.
    But even so, your EXP loss sources add up to -8.5%, so you should only be losing 1.5%, not over 7%.

    Maybe they're multiplicative somehow?
    7.5 * (1 - 0.04 - 0.02) = 7.05

    Edit: Ninja'ed, naturally.
    And no, I've never done this particular test...
    Rob, did you gain any exp between taking the Ambition SS and dying?
    Also, can we trouble you to get a B+ Undead and try again? I don't think I have any chars with measurable Ambition that aren't 200.

  4. Default Re: ... Bother making a Xenon?

    Nah, the SP isn't even set on it. I could probably go get another B+ undead, yeah. I'll try again in a bit.

    Edit: @SaptaZapta;

    Like before, no EXP gained or lost between the SSes.
    Highlighted EXP for @iAmFear;.
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    Default Re: Exp Loss on Death calculations

    Thank you, @¬Rob; for dying for Science

    You lost 30298973 EXP, which is 6.975%, or 93% of the 7.5% you should have lost if you only had Ambition.
    This seems to indicate that the formula is
    Ambition * (1 - CannoneerCard - UndeadPower) => in your case: 7.5 * (1 - 0.04 - 0.03) = 6.975
    rather than
    Ambition * (1 - CannoneerCard) * (1 - UndeadPower) => 7.5 * .96 * .97 = 6.984

    Also, using the correct value of the EXP TNL for 183, gives exactly 7.05% lost with the rank B undead, which is what the top formula gives.

    Seems the only thing that really matters if one wants to not lose too much EXP on dying, is Ambition.
    The best a Cannoneer card can do is save you half a percent, and Monster Life about another half a percent (0.7% if you get an Ergoth and have no Ambition at all).

    LF> volunteers with maxed Ambition (or close to it), to test the hypothesis that the minimum one can lose is 5%. (Someone mentioned it in another thread, but didn't have a link to a proof).

  6. Default Re: Exp Loss on Death calculations

    Looks like you've mostly figured it out, but I'll copy what I put in another thread anyway as backup:

    The main remaining mystery to me, is why the base loss appeared to be 5% and not 10%. This was done on a level 5x mule with zero ambition.
    Also I got killed on a low level AB recently, and I'm pretty sure I lost no exp, and it was not in a town or at a boss.

    Edit: For those who like raw data:
    Start 18.62%
    Die with CM card and monster life bonus -> 13.92% (4.70% loss)
    Die again, no CM card but with ML bonus -> 9.03% (4.89% loss)
    Die again, CM card back again -> 4.33% (4.70% loss)

  7. Default Re: Exp Loss on Death calculations

    This is how i responded to this question for a while now.

    It's not worth going out of your way for but that just falls in line with the context the bonuses are in rather than being really OP. (not like dying can ever be a good thing unless you wait on your cooldowns) Cannoneer card is still good for SS rank if you main it or pirate set eff.

  8. Default Re: Exp Loss on Death calculations

    So it's basically only worth stacking if you're at level 230+ or so? Granted, I'd rather just use exp charms and not deal with it at all, nor do I see myself dying too terribly often other than at bosses like Ark/Magnus, but still worth noting I guess.



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