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    Default Paladin VS Magnus

    I was hoping to make an editted version of this fight before a new patch that would drastically change the feats of players occured, but I unfortunately do not have enough time with Unleashed lifting the damage cap in 3 days. This is the full run from start to finish. There is a large amount of time at the near end where i am dead for a large amount of time. This is because of my lack of lives and the fact that this was my attempt to do it without waiting for this long, but proved an indecent approach due to the knockback and massive ball concentration. I end up waiting out bind for ~3 lives. Because i attempted to do it without waiting, this is my worst magnus solo to date, as i lived with only a single life left. This is my second magnus run i did, with my first waiting it out at the end and managing 7 lives before magnus' death. Usually i end up with 3-6 lives.
    Expect an editted version of this soon! I will probably make fun of me being massacred more often than i normally do. I hope you all enjoy this full magnus run from head to toe!
    I also just realized that there is no BGM, but i really dont have the time to be fixing that after i already rendered and uploaded it. Just expect the editted one to have sound ._.
    This was a really bad rush job to get it over with, honestly. The video was meant to just display a paladin vs magnus boss fight, and i am under massive time constraints. I'm really annoyed with this outcome. i just want to punch a wall in my failure to notice the sound.
    @HeroDDC; How dare you pineapple me. This video makes me want to cry but i have no time to fix it, you evil-doer!
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    What am I supposed to say now? :[

    Well, I guess you can be happy I edited it now.

    BTW, it should be faster if we don't get the boss changes.

    Looking forward to the edited one.
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