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    not only that it makes you have IFRAMES o....o, think of the untility!

    I totally know what you mean, i usually had all my attackin skills on z,x,c,v,b z for soul driver ,x for blast, c for soul jump v for rush and b for acb. Then my second row was A,S,D,F G which were A, hp pots, S threaten, D Healy heal, F mp pots and G for Bind. Q on crash. I guess i can put lightning charge on C now, still dont know where im going to put flame/ice charge though o....o

    And Yes i want more than 5% pdr kms

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    To be quite honest, I doubt they'll have buffed Flame and Blizzard Charge to be worth using. Lightning Charge + Divine Charge should be all you need.

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    I don't know what Blessing of Darkness does, but my guess is that by letting its damage reduction happen first, you lose less MP from Magic Guard's damage reduction ability.

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    idk about that, cause i know on my luminous the damage reduction he receives from buffs STRICTLY only applies to the Hp portion, Mp still takes the full blow to damage.

    edit, just realized what you said, and yeah i think this is what it means, unlike luminous, take 200 damage, lose 5k mp<_<

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    I am a bit biased towards solo play since that is what I'm generally used to, which is why I dislike the fact I can't take full advantage of this skill on my own. I agree that the skill is indispensable in a boss party though, and it is pretty class defining (unless another class gets something similar in the upcoming revamps).

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    I'll hold judgement until I see the extractions, but I'm not seeing it here. Without numbers I am speaking blindly, but from the one video I've watched, CL is back to its original speed though it may or may not have some sort of glitched super critical effect. The drastic speed increase with Thunderstorm is in a relative sense, a 67% (2/3) speed increase sounds great but it is still a summon and still pretty slow.

    "To sum it up, the same thing happened in the first patch as did here in the second patch, 2nd and 3rd Jobs were improved. 4th Job is still pretty awful or back to how it was originally, which is awful by comparison. Both Bishop and F/P appear to have gotten better in this patch again. To this, I'd really wish they would first learn to balance characters in their own sub-branches first, let alone work on full balance. It's like nobody at Nexon know that Marksmen, F/P, Heroes and Shadowers are pretty good Adventurers to begin with but they still continue to slap on improvements and markedly better ones.

    Then work on balance specifically in the Mage branch, even in this the so-called Adventurer revamp, they continued to improve Luminous, Evan and Battle Mage. Sure, some of those changes are warranted, congratulations on your Evan's new Status Resist by the way, but come on, it's just so frustrating and head-shake-worthy to continue to see the gap widen."

    "Oh, I forgot one thing, PDR and Boss Damage to Battle Mage? What is that? I lose PDR from GC alternation and they somehow get both?"

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    Im over joyed evans finally got status resistance, its been a long time coming, but realy nexon, this is all the love you can give :C

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    Default Re: KMST 1.2.479 Translated Skill Change Patch Notes

    OK I skipped breaktfast to look over this stuff. Man, REALLY wish I had a KMST account to try this stuff out personally.

    Archer Skills Rebalanced:
    1st Job:

    Arrow Blow: Effect has been renewed, damage has been adjusted accordingly.
    Double Jump: Moved to 1st job; for smart and stylish play, instead of just jumping regularly, there are several different effects possible. Pushing the Up Arrow Key twice, or the Down Arrow Key twice to leap in that direction is possible. The current function of pressing Jump in midair still exists.
    Double Shot: Since Double Jump has been added, the SP requirement for Double Shot has been adjusted accordingly.
    Archer Mastery: Added a passive effect where regular arrows will not be consumed for attacks; however, arrows with an attack bonus will still be consumed normally.

    Based on the videos, the DJ changes look nice for vertical mobility with no real horizontal changes.
    The Archer Mastery change... is no real change at all since it doesn't apply to attack arrows. I guess we can toss the free arrows from lvl10.

    2nd Job - Hunter:

    Quiver Cartridge: Bow Master [Specialized Skill]. Create Draining, Poison, or Magic arrows to use in combat. Depending on the situation, use Quiver Cartridge to change your current type of arrow. While you can create an infinite number of arrows, after using up the existing arrows in your quiver, you will have to create more. In the event you do not want your current or remaining arrows, quick fire skills are available to spend them quickly, allowing you to refill your quiver afterwards. When changing arrows, the available arrows will be displayed in an icon, with the remaining number listed.
    Arrow Bomb: Effect has been renewed, damage has been adjusted accordingly. Explosion radius has been decreased accordingly.
    Retreat Shot: A new attack that fires arrows while retreating. Hold down the skill key to continually fire, or before hitting the ground when falling for another effect (?).
    Soul Arrow: Bow: Effect has been renewed, 3rd Job's Concentration's weapon attack bonus has been added to this skill.
    Double Jump: Moved to 1st job
    Silver Hawk: To accomodate new skills, and the fact that two summons cannot be used at the same time, this skill has been deleted.

    I do not like that we're forced to expend our quiver before changing arrows. Either we get a lot of arrows per charge (necessary for "quick fire" skills) and we're unable to change them as desired, or we have to constantly recharge the quiver but can change arrow type more rapidly. I'll reserve some judgment on this skill until I see the numerical values... it's intriguing at least. I'm really hesitant to embrace a sometimes passive drain instead of our on demand Drain Arrow. Drain Arrow never had great hp recovery since it was based of base hp, but at least we could use it whenever we wanted!

    I would rather have the large AOE radius on Arrow Bomb since we 1shot all the mobs anyway, but not a big deal.

    If I correctly identified Retreat Shot in the videos, this looks a bit like CS' attack/movement skills. I need a better video.

    3rd Job - Ranger:

    Flame Shot: Damage has been increased, the area where this skill hits will have flames left behind that deal damage for a short period.

    This looks like a cool change

    Hurricane: Effect has been renewed, and the current Hyper Skill effects "Movement" and "Range" have been added. Moved from 4th job to 3rd job.

    I'm really not sure how I feel about Hurricane in 3rd job. From the videos, it looks fantastically useful combined with the new mobility mechanics, but I just don't know about it's replacement. I also wonder about the advisability of giving such a valuable 1v1 skill to 3rd job and it's not existent boss fights.

    Phoenix: Effect has been renewed, and Spirit Link: Phoenix's defense passive bonuses have been added.

    I think the new animation looks pretty cool. It will take a bit of getting used to tho

    슈타이크 아이젠 (Climbing Hooks): Fire a hook chain at the furthest enemy, stunning them and reeling yourself to their other side. Spirit Link: Phoenix's max HP bonus has been added here. There may be issues when using this together with other skills.

    This is exactly what I was praying for! The climbing hooks look absolutely fantastic for mobility and let us compete with Mercedes and WA. I do wonder why they didn't just delete DJ and replace it with this... They seem very redundant

    Extreme Archery: Bow: Decrease your physical and magical defense to improve your attack. ON/OFF Skill.

    Depending on the values, I guess this is cool. I still think a %acc -> attack would be far more appropriate

    Concentration: When you successfully hit an enemy, increase your status effect resistance. When you successfully resist a fatal status effect, this skill will enter a cooldown. For non-fatal status effects, the increased status effect resistance will reset instead without entering a cooldown. Use rapid fire skills to increase your resistance quickly.

    This seems like a really cool mechanic especially if it's combined with our existing 15% resist from SL (did that get moved somewhere?)

    Marksmanship: Moved from 4th job to 3rd job. Spirit Link: Phoenix's total damage bonus has been added here.

    Seems like a good change and should make our early mobbing damage at LHC credible

    Strafe: Has been replaced by Hurricane.

    Finally gone

    Puppet: The Marksman class now focuses more on distance control, lending to better usage of a skill like Puppet. Comparatively, the utility for the Bow Master class is much lower, since they have more options/disregard towards mobile monsters. As such, this skill has been deleted.

    I REALLY question this change. Despite @Takebacker;'s comments I find puppet incredibly useful. It's phenominal at mobile bosses like those at Root Abyss. I really wish they had just updated the aggro mechanics instead of scrapping it. I may chose to remain a WA SOLELY based on this decision.

    Drain Arrow: Due to Quiver Cartridge's Draining Arrows, this skill has been deleted.

    I'll stop shorting of calling this madness since I'm iffy on Quiver's mechanics, but I don't think this is an improvement.

    Concentration: The weapon attack effect has been moved to Soul Arrow: Bow, and this skill has been deleted. (The new skill uses a transliteration of the English word "Concentration", the old skill used the Korean word for Concentration, 집중).
    Arrow Rain: Deleted.

    Fine and fine.

    4th Job - Bow Master:

    Arrow Blaster: Hold down the skill key to fire high-angle arrows at a rapid rate. Movement is available while attacking. Use the up and down keys to aim the arrows.

    The animation for this skill and the very idea are pretty dumb... This is by no stretch of the imagination a replacement for hurricane.

    Hound Shot (?): A new skill that decreases the amount of HP an enemy heals. Useful against monsters that heal large amounts of HP often.

    This is potentially amazing for Empress, but I can't really think of any other uses.

    Uncountable Arrow: Focus your mind to unleash a swarm of arrows at once. New skill.

    The animation is really strange... but tolerable. I'll reserve judment until extraction for %s

    Illusion Step: Elite Puppet's damage reduction added here.

    A fine change. I don't really mind losing Elite Puppet, but I wish we kept Puppet.

    Advanced Quiver: Upon using this skill, temporarily consume no arrows from Quiver Cartridge. Also improves the effect of Quiver Cartridge.

    I guess this effectively gives us more of a desired arrow while allowing us to change if it's undesired? That would be nice and alleviate some of my concerns.

    Armor Pierce: A new skill that allows you to cut past part of an enemy's defense when attacking, dealing more damage to enemies with stronger defenses. The chance of this effect occuring increases until it activates, and then it resets.

    So we got Defense Break? I'm already at 100% PDR in GMS so I suppose the benefit will depend on if they change PDR stacking as KMS did.

    Marksmanship: Moved to 3rd job.
    Advanced Flame Shot: Due to the addition of Uncountable Arrow, this skill has been deleted.

    Both fine.

    Spirit Link: Phoenix: Total damage has been moved to Marksmanship, Defense bonus has been moved to Phoneix, Max HP has been moved to Climbing Hooks, Status Effect has been replaced with Concentration's effect. As such, this skill has been deleted.

    OK so we don't get the old 15% status resist and now we're entirely dependent on attacking for resist? This seems like a really dangerous change for bosses like Empress where we stand around waiting for DR to end while she tornado spams us into oblivion. I may be wrong about the mechanics, but I don't think I like this change.

    Elite Puppet: Damage reduction has been moved to Illusion Step, and this skill along with Puppet have been deleted.

    Why must you remind me 3 times? QQ

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    Wow, its finally usefull.

  10. Default Re: KMST 1.2.479 Translated Skill Change Patch Notes

    IKR lmao

    they increased the duration by 15 seconds, and decreased cd by -10 seconds, so its more halpful

    still looking for a hyper that doubles illusion lines :s

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    Pierce Charge being removed - YES. But the bad thing is that I can't jump cast it anymore, or release it when jumping off a rope. Nevermind small issue.

    2H Paladins YES! Luminous Blessing of Darkness YES!!! Everything else... need to try it out to know.

    edit: uhh... did they change Equilibrium for Lumis so that it ignores damage reflect? Or am I misunderstanding something here?

    edit2: Priest Dispel's buff: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!


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    Default Re: KMST 1.2.479 Translated Skill Change Patch Notes

    I agree with @VerrKol;'s post:

    Not only do I strongly feel that removing Puppet is a mistake, but I am not impressed with hurricane's replacement. I don't understand what they want from us. They give us a hurricane replacement, but also increase hurricane's targets by one in a hyper? I confused.

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    Default Re: KMST 1.2.479 Translated Skill Change Patch Notes

    I think the hypers need to be renamed and that the additional target probably applies to it's replacement. I think it will be clearer when JT and Locked translate the tables.

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    EVERY single one of my problems with the Bishop they implemented has been fixed. They even added more stuff! Especially:
    WHAT? We're so OP now. Being able to dispel all those is magical.

    They really thought out these last revisions and the changes they needed to make. I am extremely impressed and now super excited for this update.

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    I believe in miracles.

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    It's a miracle. Shield Mastery finally benefits Rosario.

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    Shields are probably still better because of shield for w.att scrolls but i guess if you can offset the difference through 2h vs 1h there really isn't any difference between the two anymore, besides attack speed and price.

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    I guess Shadowers will recieved a similar update, assuming they keep the skill that is. Not that it would do them much use.

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    GMS Paladin main: I am a brick wall!

    New KMST Paladin, and in six or so months GMS Paladin main: I AM A WALKING ENGINE OF FAITH AND FURY.

    Yessss, all this defense, I can't handle it. I love it, absolutely love it. Let me see my enemies break upon my body like green mushrooms!

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    Can't wait for the updated % bowmen and summarized lists =)



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