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  1. Default How difficult will it be to properly fund my Battle Mage?

    What I'm speaking about, of course, are items that are generally considered the best you can get, with stats that are pretty decent as well. Unique potential at least, etc. How much time and effort would it require with no funding, from the ground up? I would be hoping to get my hands on a 163 Ele Staff if at all possible, eventually, in the long run.

    Its a stretch, I'm aware. I'm just looking for a general estimation. Months? Years? Is it worth my time? Or would it just be less of a headache to outright purchase items with NX/Purchase item enhancers from the CS (Cubes, etc)?

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    Default Re: How difficult will it be to properly fund my Battle Mage?

    This is such a vague question with so many possibilities that I have no idea what to tell you, so here is a vague answer.

    Depends if you are satisfied with Empress gear or if you are trying to go all out and get Tyrant/RA equips. With 0 funding, obtaining the "best" equips is impossible as they are not only extremely limited in supply, but also extremely expensive. If you can get nx, it is still going to take a long a'ss time to find and purchase all those equips and even longer if you want to scroll and cube them yourself.

    It is definitely less of a headache to buy things prescrolled/cubed, but that does still run up quite a bill and you still need to put a lot of effort into finding them and dealing with the sellers.

    Also if you don't have link skills, you are probably going to want those and that will require a lot of effort training mules.

  3. Default Re: How difficult will it be to properly fund my Battle Mage?

    To be more specific:

    -I have around 10m, which is a very low amount of mesos.

    -Pre-scrolled is preferred

    -I'm not looking for godly equipments. Just somewhere in the "good" to "very good" range. But not "insanely good", as that translates to "irrationally expensive".

    -The equipment I have in mind (pre-scrolled preferred):
    ~Fairly good empress equips (Entire set)
    ~Lv.163 Elemental Staff
    ~Evo rings, as I missed out on those events

    The staff is the big one. Also note, though, that it is a long term goal, and not something I expect to have anytime soon (Its something I want to work towards). What I'm inquiring about here is the amount of time all this will take assuming that I am trying to climb my way up to the amount of mesos needed to purchase these items, through methods such as merching and crafting. If I'm leaving out any details, then I'd be happy to supply them. I'm pretty new to working the market and all/don't have much experience.

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    You're looking at 500+ hours since there's no good income sources available in-game with no funding. 500+ hours of ~100m mesos per hour.

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    Alright, smaller question and goal then: How long would it take to turn 10m into 100m? Or perhaps I could possibly craft items to sell to work toward 100m so that I can have something to merch with, even if it is still small? That could get me started, could it not? I'm kinda bad with the market, as I never really used it much in all my time playing up until now.

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    Turning 10m into 100m is relatively easy. Actually, with the events going on right now, you can earn money without spending any money at all. Sell your maple leaves and hold onto the 8th anniversary boxes and wait until the 16th to open them for a chance at free Empress equips

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    Estaff5-8 costs around 700m-1.1b, clean. That was when I last saw them. Even then, they're ridiculously rare.

    Unless you can get DSE and Azwan -1attackspeed IA, don't think about getting an Empress staff... or well... you're losing DPS in the order of 15% (roughly) by dropping 2 attack speed stages, and BB must always be turned on. Can an Empress staff make up for it?

    Uniques themselves usually cost way more than what you can earn by pure mesos. Will take a good long time at the FM just to get yourself enough to get everything unique. To even start up from scratch, assuming you had some of the event EQ from the past i.e. Purple Senior items that provides 4% stats, Mesoranger hat/overall, Tempest EQ with 6% stats, clean Mystic eq, you forge yourself a set of Dragonic Laevateinn and it's fully tableted (that's 132 + 24 = 156MA) so that you don't spend 50m on an Estaff1-4, HQ Dimensional Gloves, you will find it hard to reach past 30k range with just this set of EQ that's "free". You must then consider what you can do with this range that can earn you enough. That's all I can say.


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    Take advantage of this current patch and stock up on clean slates. Probably would be wise to buy 6% tempest gear before they get any pricer. You can fuse half earrings together and make one with decent stats also. I wouldn't say it's difficult to achieve some nice damage with spending as minimal money as possible. But it requires a lot of time. Personally I have managed to achieve top 10 dojo time while spending little $. Make it a habit to check the FM and especially to notice trends. Setting goals also helps. You probably want to prioritize getting all the link skills and what not first too.

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    In my opinion, browsing FM once a day won't cut it. Two to four times a day spaced as far apart as possible would be ideal.

    Many %stats have a baseline price depending on what the equipment is so always see what sold. Know your server's mid to top tier merchants. Read up on KMS blogs.

    If you've got a very big supply of something valuable sitting in your account that you haven't sold yet (such as 1000 nebulite boxes), for Christ's sake don't sell them all off in one shot. It makes me facedesk when I see people do this.

    Do not give people the knowledge that you have a lot in stock. Releasing something valuable in small increments at a time at slow rates retains its demand and thus its market value more.

    Also, It's almost summer for many Maplers which is a good thing in terms of FM...

    You're just going to have to trust your intuition a lot.



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