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    Default FEZ

    Since I know that @Jon; and @Jedward; are also playing.

    This game is so freaking addictive.
    It's huge! way bigger of a game than I expected. 32 normal cubes which will take ages to find themselves, and 32 anti-cubes gotten from solving some really tough puzzles and finding very hard secrets. I also found some sort of Red cube, an ancient artifact. No idea what THAT is for.

    Some of the puzzles are more difficult than I was expecting, some were "put blocks in the right hole" or "shift the perspective to climb the ladder"

    and some... written in alien languages that need to deciphered. One puzzle is simply a QR code on the wall of a temple that when scanned gives you what buttons to press.

    I'm just bowled over by how in-depth this game is. and infinitely saddened that I will likely never solve any of the more difficult puzzles >_>

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    Default Re: FEZ

    Sorry for being "that annoying person." But I can't see myself getting this. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't look too bad but...I can't support Phil Fish. He's such a prentious jerkwad.

    I can't support someone who tells others to choke on his plantain for not liking his game, claim all modern Japan games suck, say that PCs are worthless calculators and THEN complain that Microsoft is charging him too much money to fix the save file glitch and say he wishes he'd put the game on Steam; then refuse to fix the aforementioned glitch because he doesn't want to spend money.

    I don't want to start any arguments, and I'm sure the game itself does have some merits, but I want to put my opinion out here.

    I accept any pomegranates and sincerely hope you guys have fun with something I'm going to have to avoid.

  3. Default Re: FEZ

    The dev is a douchebag. I can't really support that.

  4. Default FEZ

    I couldn't care less if the execs at nintendo were all pedophiles, i would still buy their zeldas. Same thing applies here.

    Except...i don't have my xbox in my current possession. :/

  5. I post a lot Bi Male
    IGN: ZesseiBijin
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    Level: 204
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    Default Re: FEZ

    I agree, it's a thoroughly enjoyable game, I know nothing of the devs, and don't particularly care :P

    It was released on Steam yesterday by the way, you can play it on your PC

  6. Default Re: FEZ

    I think you're in a minority there.

    If Iwata uploaded the wrong Nintendo direct video and instead uploaded a video of him and shigeru kidnapping children from school for "happy fun time", I think it'd be fair to say they'd have a negative effect on the company.

    I think Fez just came out on PC though, which is why this thread exists. Still, I'm 3rding the *Won't buy, Fish is a plantainbag* thoughts.

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    Default Re: FEZ

    Absolutely wonderful game! I'm at "109%" completion or something. Whatever that means.

  8. Default FEZ

    It was a ridiculous thought, as usual.

    Anyway, it's not like "smart" people (i default my opinions of indie devs as smart because...well, making a game like THAT majorly by yourself must mean you know a little of what you're doing) are all candy and roses. Steve jobs was a notorious c'ock, but i'm writing this on his creation. There's probably hundreds of other pimentos who developed something people use all the time but just because they're publicly so doesn't mean i'm going to turn their work down if it is interesting enough and fez certainly is.

  9. Default Re: FEZ

    Now, onto the game.

  10. I post a lot Bi Male
    IGN: ZesseiBijin
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
    Job: Kanna
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    Default Re: FEZ

    So I got 32 cubes and finished the game, and:
    this scene made me laugh out loud

  11. Default Re: FEZ

    Yeah, the concept is cool but. I got bored after an hour or so.

  12. Default Re: FEZ

    Awwww, I think it looks adorable. Sadly it's only for Windows, though, so I can't give it a try until I get Win7 and Parallel Desktop or something. :(

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    Default Re: FEZ

    Executives are there to be plantains and just make your whole life miserable. Devs on the other hand are supposed to bring us happiness, rainbows, sunshine and other assorted cute pomegranate.

    So i guess the Dev being a plantain does have some really negative effect on the game selling.

  14. Default Re: FEZ

    Not only that but to be honest it's just another gimmick-platformer. I wouldn't call it a bad game but it's your standard, modern 2D platform experience. You incorporate a gimmick or two into it but do nothing else with it. Hardly any of the games in this genre do very well to begin with.

  15. Default Re: FEZ

    Yeah, you might think that. You'd be wrong though. He gets into headlines and such a ridiculous amount which lead to people talking about Fez an awful lot more than they would have otherwise.

    I might not like the guy, but I have no doubt that he carefully planned his online persona to get lots of free press and I have no doubts it has significantly increased the number of copies of FEZ that have been sold.



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