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  1. Default Level 2 Link Skills

    Is...Cannoneer the only character to have its Level 2 Link Skill released? (Excluding Kanna)




    says only Cannoneer has it. All of these link skills come from characters over level 120, yet they're level 1.

  2. Default Re: Level 2 Link Skills

    Demon Slayer and Cannoneer are currently the only two to have Level 2 Link Skill, asides from Kanna. The rest will get their level 2s in Unlimited.

  3. Default Re: Level 2 Link Skills

    Cannoneer: Pirate Blessing
    Level 1 - 15-all, 5% hp/mp
    Level 2 - 25-all, 10% hp/mp

    Demon Slayer: Fury Unleashed
    Level 1 - 10% boss
    Level 2 - 15% boss

    Kanna: Elementalism
    Level 1 - 5% total damage
    Level 2 - 10% total damage

    They're all unlocked at level 120.

    It's arguable that Jett's core is also maxed at level 120, I wouldn't expect that one to ever get a level 2 since it already levels up in its own way.



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