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  1. Default Shadower - Hyper skills before and after

    Over the next few days I plan to upload as much bossing videos as i can on my shadower which will all be repeated after the introduction of hyper skills!

    Pre Hypers
    Normal Hilla
    Normal Zakum
    Von Leon
    Normal Horntail

    Post Hypers
    Normal Zakum

    If I can keep this up, This should offer a good method of comparing how hyper skills affect the speed and techniques used for the bosses and also how new bosses can become solo-able because of their impact.
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  2. Default Re: Shadower - Hyper skills before and after

    I kinda wish you could do one on % per hour training somewhere but you're already 200 ._.

  3. Default Re: Shadower - Hyper skills before and after

    Haha, If i read this earlier I could have prob logged on my friends shadower to do this.. But she doesn't have equips and it's in bera and 18x so yeah lol.



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