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  1. Default Injustice Gods Among Us

    So stoked, preordered from ebgames/gamespot, so I get the Red Son DLC.

    Anyone else getting this?

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    I have wanted to play this game very much since I saw this video:

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    Default Re: Injustice Gods Among Us

    First a moba/arts/whatever you want to call it about the multiverse of DC, now a beat em up? Boy DC been busy lately isn't it?

  4. Default Re: Injustice Gods Among Us

    This looks like an interesting game, and the popularity contest is neat; however, we were robbed of a Batman vs Joker semi-final in favour of The Flash. For shame.

    It seems rather confusing with all the terrain effects and seemingly random crap, like The Joker hitting that helicopter...

  5. Default Re: Injustice Gods Among Us

    From what I'm told you can turn it off. I like it though, it reminds me of smash bros where you can interact with the scenery. Like hitting someone hard enough into a certain spot will send them flying to another map, and most of the background (such as cars, or soldiers that shoot at you) interact with you.

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    And it didn't seem to really matter because all along Superman vs. Batman was meant to be.



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