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  1. Default Item Fusion gone... Wrong?

    The average attack for a Katana is 131 attack. This one isn't scrolled, nor does it have slots... ?????

    I was so close to insta-buying that Katana until I noticed it had 0 slots, unscrolled. Still, it's 19 attack higher than my current, terribad Katana.

    There are other weapons in the shop just like it, too.


    I don't know if this is an issue with the item fusion system or not, but what the hell? I think someone at Nexon made a boo-boo.

    I wonder what would happen if you used Clean Slate scrolls or Innocent scrolls on these.

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    Default Re: Item Fusion gone... Wrong?

    Are you sure they're fused? I don't see a "crafted by" tag.

    Try to check the data/extractions. These might be a special, "prescrolled", version of these items?

  3. Default Re: Item Fusion gone... Wrong?

    They're indeed fused. The title at the top says "Soul Shooters and fused weapons."

    I tried fusing a low level Katana and it came out with 0 slots as well, but it was given Magic Attack and Accuracy - stats it didn't have before. I'm thinking something went wrong within the past few updates. My level 90 warrior gear set was all results of item fusion, and those had slots and were able to be scrolled with armor for STR scrolls.

    *scratches head*

  4. Default Re: Item Fusion gone... Wrong?

    Japanese version of Unlimited's extra stats! :D



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