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  1. Default B>Tyrant Hermes and Donewitch Set Equips

    Seems like a popular choice. GAZED obviously.
    I am looking for all pieces of both mage sets:

    From the Tyrant Hermes (Mage):
    • Tyrant Hermes Boots (shoes)
    • Tyrant Hermes Cloak (cape)
    • Tyrant Hermes Belt (belt)

    From the Donewitch (Mage) Set:
    • Fafnir Mana Crown Staff (staff)
    • Fafnir Mana Taker Wand (wand)
    • Eagle Eye Donewitch Robe (top)
    • Trixter Donewitch Pants (bottom)
    • Highness Donewitch Hat (hat) (Thanks Mazz!)

    PMing me would be the easiest given my time situation since I can check it even on the go. Having explained my time situation, I frequently will miss smegas, so even if you don't have them, if you can link me up with someone I eventually buy from, I will pay a percent commission based on timeliness, ease of trade, etc.
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  2. Default Re: B>Tyrant Hermes and Dunwitch Set Equips

    OP edited to reflect the purchase of a Staff; suddenly the rest of the Dunwitch set moves from "Hey, these would be something nice to have," to "This is rather important. "



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