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  1. Default Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    Just would like to present a discussion on this topic.

    The only successful way to become wealthy in MapleStory is to find items of all sorts and then sell them to other players. (With the option of upgrading them to sell for bigger price).

    It'd be nice if there was some bosses in the game that would drop a large amount of mesos after being defeated. Or possibly a party quest of some sort that had an array of bosses where the harder the boss, the more mesos it drops.

    I don't know if I'm alone in this feeling but I always hated bossing knowing that whatever this boss dropped I'd have to take the time to sell in order to make profit. This would especially suck when I'd have to use Karma Scissors. Such a hassle.

    Meh, just a thought.

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    Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    I agree with this. It's fairly hard for new players to make mesos in this game. You need mesos to get more powerful, in order to defeat bosses, in order to get mesos.

    Also you pretty much NEED NX to open a store too. With Nexon changing the free market to allow you to swap rooms, nobody stands in the entrance any more, so it's harder selling things that way.

  3. Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    Alternatively, let bosses drop tokens that sell for a lot of raw mesos. I currently only farm event items for income and buy a store to sell all of it at once and I agree it'd be much nicer if there was more steady income available all the time.

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    Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    There's always leprechauns which drop 1k each...

    The reality is that an influx of pure mesos into the economy would be a very bad thing. To prevent inflation, the amount of mesos entering the economy through monster drops should approximately equal the amount leaving the economy. In Maple, mesos only truly leave the economy through NPC merchants and taxation.

    Since most players don't even bother looting meso drops, with auotloot pets being a notable exception, the influx of mesos is relatively small. Consequently the limited taxation on trades is surprisingly effective.

    Having bosses drop loot instead of pure mesos does a few things.
    1. It keeps the necessary taxation rate small.
    2. It forces players to trade and consequently develops a large economy.
    3. It forces players to spend NX selling trade restricted equips.

    The first two are actually very good things. While we all wish that selling items wasn't such an annoying process, you have to change perspectives. If everyone could just loot substantial amounts of mesos, who would be selling items? This would simply cause inflation until the value of items obtained reaches the same equilibrium ratio we have now. It would also require an increase in the taxation rates or risk further inflation and cause lots of consternation as the number of items valued at over max mesos became huge. We would consequently see the development of a bartering economy even less stable than our existent one because the value of bartered items is inherently subjective.

    The requirement for PSOK/SOK is a whole different story. It's a blatant money scheme for Nexon that has become rather outdated. A large number of items aren't even worth the value of the NX required to trade them thus making the bosses themselves obsolete. Zak/CZak is the case and point. Realistically, Nexon should make all but the highest tier equips bind on equip instead of on loot so they remain at least somewhat useful to the economy or create a meso equivalent of SOK for older items.

    Wow that got longer than I had anticipated. Can you believe I don't even think of myself as a merchant?

  5. Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    I think the whole system needs to be re-tooled if large amounts of mesos are made easily obtainable through fighting (Not you, Evan friends). Practically everyone from each server says mesos are worthless even though there's a lot that can still be bought, probably because the few non-NX related uses for it (Buying pots, as an example) is largely negligible and as such the situation you mentioned becomes reality.

    There's just too much mesos being transferred from player to player and not enough being used up either by taxes or being taken by NPCs.

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    Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    While there's an element of truth, I think that statement is somewhat misleading. Yes items from NPC merchants are pretty much worthless. Especially since Tot's Guide is giving away lvl10-60 gear for free in GMS. That does not; however, mean mesos are worthless.

    FM trades are still largely conducted in mesos, in my experience, for most items worth less than 3b. Basically in trades where you don't need much collateral to cover values over max mesos. I even managed to buy a clean Dominator pendant for 7b last week.

    GMS servers have a relatively stable ratio of 1:50 for NX:mesos which tells you that obviously mesos have some value or no one would be selling NX at all.

    Mesos would be a lot more useful (though less valuable) with the implementation of a consistent currency exchange like KMS direct conversion or cash trade system.

    There has been relatively little inflation in GMS since the last hacker epidemic so I'd say the tax is working passably. Power creep is actually causing a deflation of sorts where older gear is becoming less valuable.

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    Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    Shops having like 100 of each scroll don't help either.

    You used to could make decent daily profit just by killing centipede for 60% scrolls. Now half the freemarket has shops with mass amounts of each type that it isn't worth it.

  8. Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    The problem isn't a lack of pure meso drops, it's the hyperinflation that comes from botting accounts vaccing all the meso. This subsequently raises the price of everything in FM. Everywhere, there are people selling items for twice, three times the amount of maximum meso possible. Sometimes, that's not even enough - they go and use outside services like PayPal or Moneybookers... Ideally, this shouldn't have happened. Nexon KR is acknowledging the issue and raising meso cap to 10b even.

    On the other hand, the same botting accounts drive down the prices on scrolls, but that has another adverse effect. You used to be able to kill a boss, get some rare loot, sell them for money, then maybe purchase that new gear that you wanted. But the sh'it low price on chaos scrolls for example 99m -> 50m -> 15m now shows that it's simply not possible.

    The first problem Nexon would have to do is crack down on botters. GK/GS botters have been using the SAME botting program with minor adjustments for YEARS now. Every day, billions and trillions of meso enters the economy, with little to no meso sinks taking it out. Nexon KR also acknowledges this, trying to have a meso:nx converter which won't be used because of the ridiculous rates. Even after the botters are theoretically banned and this stops becoming an issue, there will be way too much money in the economy. A simple fix would be to reduce everyone's meso by a factor of 10, depending on how bad the inflation is in the server/game. Not saying it's the only solution, just an example.

    1) Botters suck, they hurt new players
    2) You can't get ahead in this game without money/merching
    3) We need more security and a better meso sink (way to drain money from economy)
    4) Reduce amount of meso in circulation (Either by cuts, increased taxes, or a better meso sink)

    just my two dollars on this issue, it's late and i apologize for any errors.

  9. Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    Unless Nexon does a purge and take out basically all of the hoarded mesos, nothing can fix this situation.

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    Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    This pretty much they would literally need to make the economy kill itself. So that means they would give away free 150 and empress set like it is nothing. Raising the meso cap does nothing for anyone. Only limit the godly gear to bosses. Which then if they are competent enough have GMs patrol those areas.

    To the kill botters they would have to raise the drop rate to the point anyone could get drops easily and change the drops around to get worthwhile drops so everyone can get what they want as long as they wanted to hunt monsters for a few hrs. Gold sellers wouldn't be able to see a profit and there will still be hackers but in order for them to make a profit they would have to go to the boss areas where GMs patrol. This is literally the only way to fix the economy. No one except the people who are strong enough to boss would see a profit. But they couldn't put put the gear at a ridiculous price because no one buy it at that price do to how the economy would be.

  11. Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    I heard some crazy thing recently about KMS or KMST taking out meso drops entirely.... is there any credibility on this? That would stop inflation....but cause many other issues.

  12. Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    I like the idea of nexon having a mesos to Maplepoints exchange to sink mesos into. Of course, the exchange rate is probably bull considering how much NX is the real source of player income in this game. Honestly 50 mil per 1k MP doesn't sound that bad an exchange rate until you know people who hoard mesos from bots and have literal billions on dozens of mule accounts and would essentially have infinite NX. Granted they probably have that already.

    Basically: you can't really get ahead in this game unless you play Nexon's game of "buy all this for real money and then MAYBE you can do something with your character".

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    Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    This. The only issue I can think of is it would be really difficult to survive first starting out without meso drops to buy pots and such.

    An easy solution to this would be for new characters to get meso drops (perhaps 2-3x meso, since the mesos dropped by low level mobs is practically nothing and isn't really enough to buy pots with). When a character reaches level 60, everything stops dropping meso. This should allow for enough meso gain to buy pots, but make it much less worthwhile for botters to bother trying.

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    Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    That sounds pretty absurd.
    Where would a level 120+ get the meso needed to buy NLC potions? Not all classes have a self-healing skill, many still need actual potions that cost several thousand meso each.

    Plus, this move would make meso worth a lot more - so a lot more worthwhile for botters. They have no problem making thousands of characters and leveling them 1-60 over and over and over again where the meso drop. Like all anti-botting strategies, you're hurting the legits while the bot-drivers are only slightly inconvenienced.

  15. Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    There's a setting for botting programs to auto suicide, to not overlevel if the person is farming a certain item or botting a certain map with desirable drops. This only hurts legits, much like the decreased drop rates which were added as a "countermeasure." Nexon needs to acknowledge the problem that there is a huge base of hackers and needs to fix their security... Instead of applying bandaids to a freaking amputated limb of a game.

  16. Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    My Hero is my most consumptive character, and it gets by on the pots dropped by Root Abyss bosses (about +50 per run). Hilla's another decent source if I want mesos/pots, since it only does a bit of damage.

    I don't remember the last time I bought potions on a new character. (a) You get reset to full HP when you level up, (b) monsters drop potions about every 5 kills now.

    They need to figure out a way to inconvenience botters without affecting legit players. Like, say, aggressively banning the accounts that the botters transfer mesos to. Put up an announcement on the website, first: "If you buy mesos from, or receive mesos from, a hacker, you are guilty of crimes against the economy and will receive a meso wipe and temporary ban". Then, every time they catch a botter, ban anyone they've traded with. It's not possible to drop trade large amounts of mesos, so the botters' "accumulative" accounts where they trade all the items in order to sell in the FM and the accounts meso sellers use will start getting banned left and right.

    Most effective though is to just make botting accounts not last out the week. It's not exactly a tough judgement to say "asfasfdgsds" who's teleporting around the map looting everything is a botter.

  17. Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    To those suggesting we increase mesos: Yes, because the economy isn't way too inflated already.

    It's like Germany after WW1. The Germans needed to pay insane fines that the other countries pushed on to them for starting WW1, so they printed a ton of money. The end result was that there was SO MUCH money that to buy a loaf of bread you had to have barrels full of cash. Adding more money to a broken economy will not solve the issue, it will just make it that much worse.

    What they really need to do is get rid of the massive amount of mesos. How they would do that is up to debate, but adding MORE mesos is not the solution in any way, shape, or form.

  18. Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    Double the taxes.

    that'll get some mesos out of the economy and piss some people off at the same time

  19. Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    What they probably need to end up doing is a real meso sink. JMS has a decent one with Cross Brigade's gear and scrolls, but it needs to be something that users constantly use, instead of using until you get a good one then never needing to touch it again.

  20. Default Re: Making Pure Mesos in MapleStory

    I didn't come back to this topic as I needed to think of my points, but yes, if large amount of mesos are to be made farmable then a permanent and equal counter-measure must be put in place. Mesos should not have use only in the context of transfer to other parties, it needs to disappear as quickly as it's made to not upset the economy.



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