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  1. Default Should I start merching?

    I've come to a self-conflict that I think you can help me resolve.

    Recently, the Fafnir weapons have arrived to GMS, and they are obviously better than Empress weapons. I had this Empress Dagger I was perfecting, I tagged it and everything. All I have left are the two Vicious Hammer slots (already hammer'd it) to scroll, but then White Scrolls got removed. And now, I've come to a dilemna. I realized that I can sell my dagger for quite the bit of money, but I'm going to need a PSoK. After that, I can start merching to earn more money to afford the Fafnir dagger (or just to have a lotta money)!

    Or should I NOT sell my dagger, and just use the ~350 million mesos I have to start merching? Or don't merch at all?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Chaos vellum hasn't even been killed in KMS yet.
    I highly doubt we'll be seeing (legit) fafnir weapons any time soon.

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    Two forums down, this belongs in "Should I...", considering the thread title even starts with that.

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    I suppose you're right, I'm sure it'll happen eventually though.

    Then again, I'm a greedy person, so should I just do it for the meso? XD

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    Oh, my apologies, I'm quite new here...

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    Yeah, eventually. But at this pace, it'll take longer than it takes for the first legit HM Magnus kill.
    Which hasn't happened yet, btw

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    Here is what you do.

    1. Get a job, any really.
    2. Work for 1 month without spending any money on maple.
    3. After the month, re-evaluate your priorities. See if being exposed to a new sensation and being placed in a new environment has changed your outlook on your life or Maplestory.
    4. If you still like Maplestory and want to play, buy NX or gear. If not, be happy because you just freed yourself from the most addicting thing since crack cocaine or heroine.

    Merching is a massive time investment, and very few people actually merch well enough to get even half of what you need for the big bosses(normal/chaos mag, chaos root, ark, chaos PB, etc). If you want the most benefit for least amount of effort, getting a job and putting a portion of your paycheck to maplestory is the fastest way. That is why I included my 4-step directions up top.

    IMO get a job.

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    Do not count on items that are unobtainable. keep your dagger unless you plan to use the money from selling it to build all your other equipment up. If all your other equipment is at it's best potential of your liking then there's no point to sell the dagger at all.

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    I support this idea.

    When you have less time to sit around and do nothing, the time you do have to yourself feels so much more important, and you end up wondering why you continue to play MapleStory when all you do is give and give for nothing in return, not even the warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishing something.

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    Just to expand on this, you would probably make a whole day's worth of merching in just an hour or two in a minimum-wage job. This is also in cash (ie. can be spent on anything you want), rather than within the confines of an in-game non-convertible currency.

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    To add to the suggestions to work, I worked last year and I'm currently doing trading while supplementing myself with just a bit of the amount I made working. You can still be a merchant if you want to but keep in mind that it is very difficult work and the time you spend learning the ropes would benefit you more if you worked and the setbacks you face if you experience losses may end up backfiring on you.

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    Until the place is hacked all over again, and Nexon goes and sticks it in marvel machine only to make us spend more cash to get them. Tyrant equips were supposed to be "unobtainable" for us, but look at where we're at now.

    Overall though, unless you have a clear cut view of the item that's going to be sold or see people with it, you're going to spend a long time without something better than you're using already unless you got a decent substitute.

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    Regardless what I said stands in that the item he's referring too is Unobtainable currently and relying on only the possibility of it being released through other means makes no impact on the fact that it is unobtainable to him currently, thus should not be counted on.



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