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  1. Default Dominator Pendant Tradability

    I remember some time ago in one of the Screenshot threads ("Godly Scrolled" or "Revealed Potential") that someone mentioned that Dominator Pendants are untradable upon craft or had some sort of restriction. I am currently in the market for one of the uncrafted Mirror-obtained ones and was thinking about buying it on a mule with Hot Time items, will I be able to PSOK it once more after purchase to send it to my main?

    On a related note, is there a FAQ for the SP Database? That is the first place I looked and while tradeWithPlatinumScissors and onlyequip are obvious, I didn't quite know the specifics of tradeblock, which is what led to the first paragraph. I think a tradeblockonequip or something like that exists too, so I wasn't sure.

  2. Default Re: Dominator Pendant Tradability

    You can PSoK them an unlimited amount of times, but you have to PSoK it for every single trade, regardless of having equipped it previously or not.



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