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Thread: [Movies] Expectations about films

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    Default Expectations about films

    Have you ever watched a film that you didn't have good expectations for, something you wouldn't think you'd like for whatever reason that you just ended up loving?

    For me one of those films was Bend it Like Beckham. I mean it was a british film about football, and I thought I'd hate it, but I really liked how it told the story of a Sikh girl living in england who is best friends with a white English girl (played by a young Keira Knightley none the less) who wants to play football for England, despite being an indian girl. it was just a really good film that had me hooked throughout and completely defied my expectations.

    Anyone got similar films they'd like to share?

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    Default Re: Expectations about films

    Perks of being wallflower.
    I only thought:
    Another high school chick flick movie?
    Turns out god-tier movie.

  3. Default Expectations about films

    Expectations low as f'uck when i went into inception for the first time. Can't really have any other reaction to a movie you've never heard of at all before that day though.

  4. Default Re: Expectations about films

    Can I mention films of the opposite scenario?

    Eragon, Percy Jackson, Avatar (Airbender), and (please don't kill me) Avengers all had my great expectations, but I walked out of the theater meh.

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    Default Re: Expectations about films

    Eragon wasn't that bad if you didn't expect it be anything like the book that is. Avengers was awesome tho! I think you must be crazy

    I'll throw The Gods Must be Crazy out there. I ran across this movie on VHS in my dad's garage and thought it was hilarious and remarkably insightful. I wouldn't put it as the greatest of all time or anything, but definitely a movie that far surpassed expectations.

    I really didn't expect to like Hot Tub Time Machine. I figured it would be just another dumb movie with a Beevus and butthead-esque sense of humor. Now it's one of my all time favorite comedies.

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    Default Re: Expectations about films

    True. I guess Eragon wasn't THAT bad if you expect it to be independent of the books, but as someone who read them all, I still feel it was a pretty horrendous adaptation.

    Avatar the Last Airbender was compete s'hit. Thor and Ted were a lot better than I expected them to be. Same with Silver Linings Playbook

  7. Default Re: Expectations about films

    Nope, complete s'hit. Like, worse than Airbender.

    Thor was definitely a good movie.

  8. Default Re: Expectations about films

    I had only average expectations for How to Train Your Dragon and ended up becoming a huge fan of it (Toothless ). This generally doesn't apply to me though as I very rarely go to the movies before reading reviews for it and I watch less than 10 movies a year.

    Eragon however was so much worse than what I expected that I got myself a nice snack and treated my sister just to get my expectations back up to what it was supposed to be.

  9. Default Re: Expectations about films

    the losers
    dangerous method
    and as mentioned above i also didnt like avengers much, the movie looked like its forcing itself to be awesome but the plot wasnt something special and the Hulk was supposed to be recruited by iron man(as seen in The Hulk-2008) and played by a different actor.

  10. Default Re: Expectations about films


    Expected run-of-mill jump scares

    Received holy pomegranate what

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    Default Re: Expectations about films

    oh god. I litterally left the theater crying because it was such an awesome show, but such a fail movie. Please, dont make Korra The Movie

  12. Default Re: Expectations about films

    Silver Linings Playbook.

    I went in thinking, "It's a romcom. I'm probably not going to like this, but it got fabulous reviews and I haven't been to the theaters in a while. So why the hell not?"

    Left absolutely blown away by an awesome movie.

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    Default Re: Expectations about films

    Despicable Me, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Wreck-It Ralph.

    I have insanely low expectations for recent western, non-Pixar, animated works.

    Also foreign films. For some reason I never expect as much as I get from some of them. Like City of God or The Triplets of Belleville. I dunno why that is, seeing as I almost always hear amazing things about most of the ones I watch before going into them. Must be because of 'MURICA.



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