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Thread: Hayato/Kanna ?

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    Will this be coming to GMS before Unlimited Patch ?

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    It is impossible to tell what Nexon will do at the moment. Just because the data is there doesn't mean we will get it right away, but on the other hand you also have to think about how Hayato and Kanna don't have their hyper skills yet in JMS which could either make them come earlier or later.

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    We could expect the unexpected.

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    My speculation is that they'll be out along with the Adventurer Hyper Skills but as Meta said anything's possible. Don't forget too that all classes were opened for creation during the Unlimited Patch so they could come during that time.

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    *Fires upeth the olde crystal ball*

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    They could possibly come in the small break between Tempest and Unlimited, then again, we also have anniversary events then. The Character creation stuff in game for them seem to be closer to the unlimited style though, so who know.

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    I don't care when, I just want kanna.

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    I'm still saying you're all counting your chickens before they hatch.

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    I like chickens.
    As stated above there's no way to know exactly when.
    But what I expect is big teasers and trailers a few weeks before them.

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    Arent both classes glitched to the point of almost no playability anyway? You guys are so excited..for that?

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    Uh, if Link and Polantaris are actually able to play until level 170+ it's safe to say that they're far from being almost not playable due to being glitched. Now the only question is how much better or worse it gets if they're actually released at GMS.

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    Didn't most of that get fixed though?

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    @Link; @Polantaris;

    Didn't one of you say that Hanna was completely a glitched class and forgotten and hayato had some skills missing or something? I can't remember the exact thread or the context but clarification is clearly needed on my end

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    I believe it was kanna dc'd from a bunch of its own skills (such as teleport) and when tempest hit JMS they didn't reduce Hayato's skill levels so he can't max a few skills in earlier jobs. But of course they can correct me if i'm wrong

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    That sounds right from last I checked, they could have been fixed/updated

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    they were, link has all the changes in his post-tempest hayato guide

    though he is extremely peeved that you are missing 1 skill point in 1st/2nd/3rd job so you cant max all their skills.

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    Yeah. A lot of Kanna's skills don't work properly. Both characters get disconnected a lot during play - mostly Kanna, when the teleport skill is used. Hayato disconnects due to Saki no Saki activating during 1/1 at Horntail (I'm not sure if there are any other bosses this happens to, but I've only heard of it happening at Horntail).

    There are also issues of Kanna's skills, such as Shoujou Kashu and Kekkai Kikyou not working at all, though the former was fixed and the latter was never proven for either bugged or fixed.



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