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Thread: Chin time!

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    Oh you.

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    I wish they weren't too fragile for me to have one

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    I'm going to be honest; I didn't knew what a chinchilla was until a few weeks after I joined SP.

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    This may be a stupid question (READ: is a stupid question), but can you touch chinchillas? I thought the oil on your skins damaged their fur.

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    You can touch them.
    You can't get them wet. Or feed/water them, basically. They're like caring for cacti that need a lot of exercise and gnawing. Over do anything (and they have a very low threshold for overdoing) and they get messed up. Chinchilla, the original mogwai.

    ETA: I left out warm. you can't let them get warm either or their ears turn bright red and their little fuzzy heads pop like a thermometer from heat stroke. Fragile. So fragile.

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    And this is how they take baths!

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    And you can't let them get too cold either. If they get too cold, they will die of hypothermia just like a human would. However, their hypothermic temperature is something like 15C.

    Chinchillas are very fragile, but oh so fluffy. So soft and fluffy.

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    This is why I only adore them from afar. I'd have to get at least two just so they wouldn't be lonely half the time and that just means double the chances for me to unintentionally inflict undue torment on a hapless avatar of fluffiness.

    And we've already demonstrated I am prone to flooding, spontaneous lack of air conditioning and other misfortunes specifically inimical to the chin.



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