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  1. Monster Truck Tire Straight Male
    IGN: Triggernometry
    Server: Supports
    Job: TeamSecret
    Guild: BigDaddy<3

    Default Heliseum & Drops

    Do mobs/minibosses keep dropping the capes and shoes?
    I can't find any reliable source for this and I certainly don't wanna waste 2 o 3 hours for nothing.

  2. Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    I can't find his post at the moment but MarksmanByran has confirmed they still drop, just at a very very low rate.

  3. Mercury
    IGN: Zero Two
    Server: Everywhere
    Level: 000
    Job: Mind Control
    Guild: Dark Matter Legion
    Alliance: Dark Mind

    Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    Well I found a Heliseum cape a while ago from one of the bosses.
    Though it was quite lucky.

  4. Nuclear testing facility Straight Male
    IGN: VerrKol
    Server: Zenith
    Level: 204
    Job: Bowmaster
    Guild: LegacyReborn
    Farm: Kolville

    Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    I can confirm that they dropped capes and shoes, though as Meta said the rate is rather low.

    With a spider familiar I was averaging one per hr or so and I was killing the boss in seconds.

  5. Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    You could have just looked in the drops and finds thread... but yes, they do drop shoes and capes. No belts. Helisium are rare, Nova are RIDICULOUSLY rare. Good luck.

  6. Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    I killed Victor 175 times on 3.2x drop (2x event + 1.6x familiar) and found 3 equips. Which works out to a base rate of around 1 in 200 of getting any drop. If you can stack up to 8x, you'll find a decent number, otherwise it's gonna take a while. All of them were the lowest level 80 stuff.

    Chose Victor cause he hasn't got 1hkos or status attacks. Just green balls from the sky.

  7. Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    Finished the Helsium questline on my AB today, killed Velderoth ~40 times.

    Got a pair of level 80 Pirate shoes and Warrior shoes.

  8. Proton
    IGN: ixgenLx
    Server: Scania
    Level: 200
    Job: Angelic Buster
    Guild: Influence
    Alliance: Prestige

    Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    Did you have anything to boost your drop rate? Familiars or buffs? Just curious because I've been drawing blank except for a heliseum bowman cape which I dropped, haha.

  9. Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    Surprisingly, no. I used my free 3x Drop Coupons to finish the quests (I tend to disconnect a LOT ).

  10. Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    In total I've killed Velderoth around 1000 times on 1.6x drop, about 400 times on 3.2x drop.

    I got over 50 helesium equips and a SINGLE nova shoe.

    So yes, expect it to take quite a long time to find something - they do still drop however.

  11. Mercury
    IGN: Zero Two
    Server: Everywhere
    Level: 000
    Job: Mind Control
    Guild: Dark Matter Legion
    Alliance: Dark Mind

    Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    Well I know what I'm using my 3x drop coupons for.

  12. Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    Thanks for this reminder. I had no idea what to do with them. Do they stack with CS 2x drop cards?

  13. Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    They should.

  14. Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    Well, we do have a 2x event this weekend, and 2x Drop coupons, and these 3x Drop buffs. Also can count in Familiars.

    Dat drop rate.

  15. Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    Familiars would cancel out the 3x drop buffs, and vice versa.

  16. Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    Keep forgetting that......


  17. Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    If you're in a party, how does Maplestory calculate drop rates?

    A guildmate was helping me kill Horntail and I used a 3x drop buff while he didn't use anything. Would we still get the 3x drop buff?

  18. Neutron Male
    Server: Windia
    Level: 250
    Job: Merc/Phantom
    Guild: Intensity
    Alliance: DreamHome
    Farm: Armadillo

    Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    It's based on damage done for bosses not named empress iirc. So you would have to outdamage your guildmate in order for the 3x to take effect.

  19. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 232
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Dominion

    Default Re: Heliseum & Drops

    Damage done? Or last hit?



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