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  1. Default Spending Tempest Coins.

    So, I gots a fair amount of tempest coins, but I am torn between spending them on three things.

    Tempest set for my CS, Merc, DS, Phantom, Jett and Mihile.

    Mastery Books for my CS, Merc, DS, Phantom, Jett, Mihile, Luminous, Kaiser and Angelic Buster.

    Tempest Rings, Tempest Rings everywhere.

    What would you do SP?

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    buy ALL the clean slates

    cause you're gonna need em' eventually, and there's a limit on how many you can buy, so may as well get to that point at least.

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    I don't scroll items though.

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    I'd get mastery books.

    Too much trouble going to FM everytime you need a specific MB for a lot of chars

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    Depends on how crappy your current equips are. If they're pretty decent, or you think you could get like, Empress or whatever, go for the Mastery Books. Otherwise, get equips.

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    Dream fragments aren't too bad to stock up on. Personally, and to be quite frank, bowman equips (exception of capes) in GMS are just dirt, unless its a underpopulated server (which I don't know anything about prices there). They're literally dirt as in you can probably grab 1 for a measly 5-10mil if not free if you know some people because nobody feels like bothering to sell them. Whatever else you'd want to grab for your other jobs is your own decision though.

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    I'm thinking about buying a lot of those positive incredible chaos scrolls since it seems like this is the only dependable way of getting them. I can't help but feel like we're going to be seeing a lot more of those bonus potentials like that no scroll fail one.

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    I bought deluxe female android recipes, I find the business of crafting and then selling them to be very profitable, gathering wisdom ore/crystal aren't too difficult since I can get them via part time job mules.

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    Spend them on scrolls, rings, and mastery books; maybe mastery books mainly because they are so difficult to obtain most of the time, especially when you get higher level.

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    Personally I've been afking on characters until they get all their Special Mastery Books I care about having.
    ...but now I'm up to 1422 coins sitting on my AB, I'm out of mastery books I need, and I have no idea what to do. xd

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    Buy Tempest equips for future characters
    Buy shoulders and rings for profits.

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    Since you play a lot of characters and you could always make profits off other events I'd take a good look at what's lacking and work from there. If your characters could do slightly better with more damage or you just like how the equips look, get the Tempest set. If you're worried that you might fail too many mastery books, get those for your most critical characters. Otherwise, just spend on rings; I wouldn't recommend shoulders too much since you don't know when Empress shoulderpads are going to be out and with people aiming for Tyrant equips there's likely to be a good number of players who'd aim for that.

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    Tempest set: good it you are unfunded, but is easily replaced with empress, which should not be too difficult to get.
    Book: If your unlucky the 100% pass really helps, but books are usually only a couple million.
    Rings: If you get good potential, or chaos it well, you could sell for a nice profit. You may have to wait for the event to be over before prices rise.

    Also, the tempest shoulders are one of the few that can have potential, you may want to stock up on a few.

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    Around 200mil per droid.



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