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Thread: [Battle Mage] Body Boost's True Bonuses

  1. Default Body Boost's True Bonuses

    Battle Mages' Body Boost has an incorrect readout in the data. The readout states the following:
    And the data states the following:

    skill/32111005/common/maxLevel	10
    skill/32111005/common/mpCon	50+4*x
    skill/32111005/common/cooltime	150-6*x
    skill/32111005/common/v	20+2*x
    skill/32111005/common/w	4*x
    skill/32111005/common/x	2
    skill/32111005/common/y	20+2*x
    skill/32111005/common/z	5+d(x/2)
    skill/32111005/info/type	98
    skill/32111005/info/dummyOf	32111007&&32111008&&32111009
    This results as such:
    However, the actual effects of the skill are not dictated by the variables in the data shown here; this skill is actually a "dummy" skill, with variables assigned so that the client can have one skill icon with values that are shown when the user mouses over it. These variables are only used for the readout in the tooltip, the part that is shown when you mouse over the icon. The info tag dummyOf states that the skill's real information is stored in skillIDs 32111007, 32111008, and 32111009, though incidentally, this information is also wrong because the skillIDs are actually passive, not active.

    There are three separate and distinct skills in the data for each Aura's effect for Body Boost. These are used for the bonuses when Body Boost is activated, rather than the dummy skill 32111005, which only activates the Body Boost buffing effect.

    The real values are as such:
    Body Boost (Dark Aura)
    skill/32110007/common/maxLevel	20
    skill/32110007/common/time	60
    skill/32110007/common/x	20+x
    Body Boost (Yellow Aura)
    skill/32110008/common/maxLevel	20
    skill/32110008/common/time	60
    skill/32110008/common/x	2*x
    skill/32110008/common/y	-2
    skill/32110008/common/z	20+x
    Body Boost (Blue Aura)
    skill/32110009/invisible	1
    skill/32110009/weapon	38
    skill/32110009/common/maxLevel	20
    skill/32110009/common/time	5+d(x/4)
    With these values, the true bonuses for Body Boost at level 10 are
    Although the skills have a max level of 20, they will pull the level value of the original Body Boost, which can only reach level 10. This is a direct result of whichever lazy moron was in charge of changing the skills in the Union patch. Only the readout skills were adjusted to the max level of 10.

    This was confirmed earlier in this thread, where Body Boost only provides a 30% MATK increase, and can be further confirmed that it only provides +20% Speed instead of 40%.

  2. Default Re: Body Boost's True Bonuses

    Poor Battle Mages...
    I'm glad I quit mine lol

    Is it like this in all versions or just GMS?

  3. Default Re: Body Boost's True Bonuses

    Both GMS and KMS.

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    So we basically trade in non-working PDR on Finishing Blow for a working one on Battle Rage in exchange for a nerfed Body Boost?... wtpineapple Nexon... somehow I don't feel surprised..

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    Default Re: Body Boost's True Bonuses

    msea too...

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    Default Re: Body Boost's True Bonuses

    ahahaha, this is hilarious, i wonder if anyone in the other versions know this.

    my condolences battlemages.

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    I'm having trouble figuring out why they set it up this way lol. Unless they're using those values as placeholders and forgot about them entirely. This looks like something you'd do while in the middle of creating/testing code. Make a shell that runs and edit in the intended functions later when you have time/get to it.

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    So this has been going on since Union- about a year ago? Jesus... No wonder I feel weak as hell on my battle mage.

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    Well, this is awkward, and yet, it explains so many things

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    Still a fun class even with this problem. I'll report it. Nexon loves my tickets because of how much money I give them.

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    I have my doubts about them being able to fix something this technical when they didn't seem to notice/fix something as blatant as kaiser's transform attack speed issue.



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