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    I've seen several sources and I dont know what to believe anymore. NexonEU says its 60 int at level 200, while this thread says its 80. Can anyone comfirm with a screenshot so I dont tell my guildies to level luminous to 200 for 20 more stat if they are a mage? I really dont think level 100-200 is worth it for 20 but for 40 its worth it.

    Thanks in advance.

    Nobody can comfirm? Not even @Green4Ever?
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    I don't have a level 200 Luminous and I am not making one.

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    Thought you would for the int boost seeing how its one of the best cards for mages, my bad I guess.

    Thanks a lot.

    To darklink: I know it says 10/20/40/60 at max's blog. But it just doesnt make sense to give kaiser/ab 10/20/40/80 and lumi 60 at lvl 200 so I figured they changed it.

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    A measly 40 Int isn't worth the time or effort for me, especially since it doesn't work with Potential.
    All of my gear is either Untradeable or needs SoK/PSoK and I'm not about to spend 80k NX or so either.



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