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  1. Default NO HAWK. THAT'S MY BREAD.

    So, on my way in to work this morning, I decided to eat a piece of bread that I had.

    Coincidentally, a nearby hawk had the same idea. About the same piece of bread. No warning at all, just a flying ball of feathers zipping past my head and nearly knocking the bread out of my hand. Two more hawks show up and they start circling above me.

    I tore a small piece off and tossed it in the air. One of the hawks swooped down gracefully and grabbed it. The other two hawks swooped down gracefully and beat the pomegranate out of the other hawk trying to get his bread.

    I calmly strolled away, laughing.

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    Default Re: NO HAWK. THAT'S MY BREAD.

    Oh wow, that would have been hilarious to see these animals so desparate for bread.

  3. Default Re: NO HAWK. THAT'S MY BREAD.

    Would have been, had I not still been partially in shock from the whole no-warning hawk attack.



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