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Thread: [Bellocan] Cygnus Arkarium.

  1. Default Cygnus Arkarium.

    I need to do this five times so, anyone out there want to do this everyday or close to every day?

    I am completely free today, and on other days the time I am free changes so if you want to help me out or need to get level 30 yourself leave a message here and I'll contact you in game.

  2. Default Re: Cygnus Arkarium.

    Carlos and I would like to do this for the buster. I'm in DC until Wednesday so I will only be on at nights.

    And we still need to make a 120 Cygnus lol but that should take like a day.

  3. Default Re: Cygnus Arkarium.

    Night time is most likely when I'll always be free. So, when ya'll are ready buddy me on Kageryushina since I am mainly playing on her at the moment.

    Or, if you're going to be on your AB a lot I'll find you if I am training one of my alts.



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