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  1. Default Xenon Skill Build

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    1st Job

    2nd Job

    3rd Job

    4th Job



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  2. Default Re: Xenon Skill Build

    If you're not hardcore bossing, I'd go for OOPArt Code over Offensive Matrix, simply because the passive +40all is so OP compared to 30%ignoredef. Again we're talking about a 14.8% (decreases with increasing item build) increase in damage based on base mainstat and passive +all, so a rough breakeven point is when fighting bosses/mobs with 30%pdr (sounds like Aswan; marginal fractional damage increase also decreases with item build), and anything higher than 30%pdr means you should go for Offensive Matrix.

    If you're a hardcore bosser, then I think Hologram Graffiti would be a better choice over Blade Dancing because it bypasses Damage Reflect.


  3. Default Re: Xenon Skill Build

    After playing it, I think Rockets in first job are quite good. They're rarely justified in 2nd job since Concentration has such a long range though, but you can use them like potions (any time), but damn do they lag like potions on KMS.

    Sudden Propel is most definitely overpowered and should be maxed first.

    My own Xenon is retardedly strong with a higher clean range at 76 than my 12x Demon Avenger. I'm not really liking Split, and Pillar Scramble for what they're meant to do. Anything that could live through a Pillar Scramble + Split means I'm missing on it. It's very ineffective. Similar to Angelic Buster's Land Crash + Falling Stars. Not many things lived through the Land Crash, and if they did it's probably because you missed. The Falling Star would either OHKO them or miss, with or without the air damage bonus in most cases after you put points into it.

    Split is identical to Mercedes' Leap Tornado, except that you can't macro it so doing two in one jump is difficult if you don't have autofire. Diagonal Chase and Leap only allow you to follow up with one Split, unlike Rolling Moonsault/Legendary Spear. Diagonal Chase is also terrible for rushing since it brings you up platforms, and most maps have those. But at the same time, Split or Explosion are likely strong enough to OHKO and rushing is pointless, or the extra hits are what you need to kill things. Ion Thrusters are still probably the best way to take care of large packs of monsters anyways...

  4. Default Re: Xenon Skill Build

    How does Rockets actually work? The skill extraction data seems to imply that it's a counter-type skill...? Or is similar to Kaiser's Tempest Blades [except it chews your Energy and you sacrifice subsequent damage]?

    I'd also go for a single point in Incline Power right at the start since it has such a good duration and decent WA buff. I would also agree that Sudden Propel > Radial Nerve.

    Ion Thrusters => crazy for Aswan =P


  5. Default Re: Xenon Skill Build

    y u lie!

    I'm missing 1 SP in 2nd job.

    3rd job also only has 1 skill that automatically gets a point, with 3 SP free. You have two skills automatic and 3 points free.

  6. Default Re: Xenon Skill Build

    Fixed assumptions, typoes, some order of importance, etc.

    Thank you Steve (@Arrg; ) for helping.

    Fixed more assumptions and order of importance.
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  7. Default Re: Xenon Skill Build

    You just push the rocket button and rockets shoot out and hit things in front of you. The delay appears to be like a potion. You can walk, attack, etc. while spamming these things but it's laggy on KMS. It autoacquires up to four targets, but if there isn't four, the four rockets will hit whatever number there is. Sometimes, it will still attack things behind you if they're close enough. The great thing is it's fast and there's almost no use for Energy in 1st job. Incline Power is rather useless since you can most likely OHKO without it. It's especially good for the stronger characters who can OHKO with a 50% damage attack. Otherwise, it's a skill used later on if you're at max energy, just so you're not wasting time recharging energy when you're already 10/10 or 15/15. I think they were afraid of the same type of problem in later job levels though, where someone could spend 10/10 energy to OHKO 40 monsters, or 15/15 energy to OHKO 60 monsters. I would have liked to be able to shoot more rockets with each enhancement, but then I think of the people who are dealing double my damage or more and I cringe.

  8. Default Re: Xenon Skill Build

    Hmm does sound like what I was thinking, like Kaiser's Tempest Blades. Interesting skill, very handy.

    That is true, but for average/unfunded people like me, 11WA is a lot compared to 10%all at level 20-ish. But then again you're likely to be 1HKO-ing anyway since this is Xenon afterall...


  9. Default Re: Xenon Skill Build

    Energy Sword is 1H or 2H?

    Only reason I ask is because Guns are strangely 2H...
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  10. Default Re: Xenon Skill Build

    we're referring to a 14.8% improve in harm depending on platform main stat and inactive +all, so a difficult breakeven factor is when battling bosses/mobs with 30%pdr and anything greater than 30%pdr indicates you should go for Unpleasant Matrix.

  11. Default Re: Xenon Skill Build

    Changed a few errors, changed all names to the new GMS ones found in String.wz/Skill.img and added Hyper skill info/build.

  12. Default Re: Xenon Skill Build

    "This build is only allowed to be posted in and It is not allowed to be posted anywhere else. "

    ... how does one get the rights to a build? What if I come up with the same build by myself, because it's actually good? And what will happen if I post it elsewhere?

  13. Default Re: Xenon Skill Build

    Phew. I'm lucky I remembered you posted a build for this.

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    Default Re: Xenon Skill Build

    Thanks for the guide :D

  15. Default Re: Xenon Skill Build

    Bumping this because it's difficult to find (only by searching) and really should be stickied.



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