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  1. Default Angelic Sabre Concept

    DNF released female slayers recently! and I wanted to do an angelic slayer! (they've got an elemental swordmaster one and demon slayer!)

    I've planned out 11 skills, but only got 4 down! (and they're easiest ones ;_;)


    Level 20
    Shining Cut
    -Quickly pierce through enemies with your sword of light.

    Swift Sever
    -Slash an arc upwards, and follow up with another launching enemies into the air.

    Level 25
    Radiant Swing
    -Quickly spin sword to propell them towards, and follow up with a mighty swing.

    Radiant Storm
    -Thrash through opponents with a swinging storm.

    Level 30
    Brilliant Rain
    -Aerial slash that emits sparks of light to pummel down, additionally hitting anything in the way.

    Radiant Shine
    -Unleash a ray of light, stunning monsters around as well as having super armor for 5 second.

    just wanted to preview some of it lol hope you like!!

    used Painter Sai/Flash CS5.5
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  2. Default Re: Angelic Sabre Concept

    Skills remind me a lot of thief, then again F.Slayer in itself reminds me a lot of thieves! Great nonetheless~*

  3. Default Re: Angelic Sabre Concept

    Now that I look at it, it totally does haha!

    wasn't intentional, but now I have to make the rest less thiefy! lol

    thanks tay :D

    Edit: Added Level 30 skills! woo woo
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  4. Default Re: Angelic Sabre Concept

    Honestly, I think the class concept needs more skills that would chain great.

    Right now most of those skills look like finisher quality, and not really anything you can chain together for a great combo.



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