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Thread: [Demethos] Looking to Join a Guild

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    I'm currently looking for a guild within GAZED, with a fun and active community. Am from GMT timezone but have no problems with PST/EST based guilds.

    I'm able to join any boss run although I have never had the chance to try anything above HT / Chaos zak. My damage is around 55k self buffed if that matters.

    I have a lvl 200 MM, 150 DS and a few other characters that I play a lot, and plan to play AB seriously when it releases.

    You can normally reach me via my MM FoamingLegs but otherwise currently playing a luminous on the side called LuminousLegs.

    Thanks for your time,


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    I have some room in Kryptonite

    Like you I am GMT however the guild itself is a lot more active during PST times. If you would like to join let me know on here then I'll log onto my friends account to add you since I have some log in problems at the moment

    EDIT: actually just whisp me on WishForHS I'll be semi afk on that.

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    I'd like to, thanks! I'll hop on my MM and whisper you there.

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    Excuse the off-topic. But what is the story behind "FoamingLegs" and "LuminousLegs"?

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    It started off as an injoke with my family after we saw how in Unreal Tournament 2004 most of the time when you die only legs are left.

    Then I started naming pets <something>Legs in mabinogi.. and now IGNs. xD I have many more.

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    You're leaving Equalists? Why o_O?

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    You should ask Pat about what it, he told me what happened a few days ago.



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