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  1. Default Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    My guildie did it! :D

    First lvl200 Luminous in Broa. Lvl200 only 21 hours after it was released!

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    Default Re: Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    now now, don't be a party pooper.

    congratulations, i'd love to know the method how he did it o.o i could barely scratch 70 in that time f3

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    Default Re: Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    You can get to 200 in 21 hours? seriously what is wrong with this game

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    Default Re: Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    I'm seriously impressed. It'd have been awesome if the guy recorded all 21 hours. What did he do to speed run so hard?

    Better than the old days of 21 hours per LEVEL.

  5. Default Re: Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    Except the part where reaching max level means you don't really have anything to accomplish anymore, except killing the same boss for the millionth time.

  6. Default Re: Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    I can't imagine. I got told they got help but Ifasfphiafsabjfbasojl
    I want 200 too :(

  7. Default Re: Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    Congratulations to said person, but rushing to 200 THAT fast just kills the whole experience, IMO. :\

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    Default Re: Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    That.... was fast.............
    How did he/she do it? o.O

  9. Default Re: Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    [HIDE-REPLY]We prepared for about 3 months in advanced. There was a schedule and plan of action that we stuck to and all the procedures necessary for a smooth run. Our track record was top10 Mercedes and #1 Phantom in Broa (#11 in GMS) so we were well familiar with the lvl200 race. Also we maximized damage in almost every way conceivable:

    Self-made Chaosed Empress Gear
    Perfected Grand Eligos Shining Rod
    Guild Banners
    Self SE on her gloves and Self AB on her hat
    1 Phantom with Haste, Meditation, HS, CO
    1 Buccaneer with SI
    1 Mechanic giving her Amplifier (20% damage)
    1 BaM afk with ADA (20% damage) (not the entire run though)
    200 Lucky Cake Buffs
    Some crazy amount of INT Potions
    19matk Gold Heart (made by me :D)
    1600 Sswis Cheese distributed on herself and the party members

    For exp, we got the 1.5x Coupon from lvl50-100 but we missed 3 of them due to neglect.
    A bunch of 10% Exp Alchemist Potions
    Guild Exp Banner (like 4% or something)
    Pendant of Spirit
    2x Coupon (used 21 hours of the 24 hours on it)

    We had 1000 MMBs to open and got like a bunch of Luminous books. We actually failed Apocalypse 30 8 times before getting it to work, 3 of those we had to buy in fm for like 200mil a pop. Conversely, MW20/30 worked in 1 try each.
    We bought a lvl100 character card on the small hunch that they might have allow Luminous creation (but they didn't).

    Before the run started, all conceivable link skills were put on the Luminous and she first looted her 50 space storage of all pre-(p)SoK'd gear and equips. Skipped tutorial (thank heavens she didn't get Error 5'd at any point in this run), and straight to uber leveling.

    Started at Rotting Skeleton I believe (I wasn't around until lvl30).
    lvl30 for Scarecrows.
    lvl45 for Jesters
    lvl55 for Aliens ABC6 (doored in)
    Stay at ABC6 until lvl110
    (all the while, we had a party with the Phantom giving her HS and I was using Threaten on the mobs to make them easier to kill :S)

    Once lvl110 hit, she stays on the middle Crocky platform and uses Reflection to kill the middle and bottom platforms while using Apocalypse to hit the top 2 platforms. The entire time at crockies, she didn't move from the middle spot :S that's when I got my Mechanic and laid an Amplifier there. As soon as she got to wear her perfected PvP rod (and her orb which was pre-cubed by another member), she was 3shotting crockies and eventually started 1-2 shotting them as soon as her 30% INT VIP pendant was on. We had like 20 people on the ropes to boost the spawn and legitly increasing the spawn rate since BT was down. To our surprise, she hit lvl160 like... waaaaay before we thought she would: we assumed we need glitched channels to get to lvl160 fast enough but turns out Luminous is insane. We didn't use any 1.5x coupons here as we were saving it for SH.

    When lvl160 hit, her Luminous was strong enough to solo and clear the entire drill room so we didn't need attackers. Just spamming Apocalypse while having a rusher on the left cleared pretty much everyyyy thing. In fact, having none of us actively attack made it go by faster. As soon as she was lvl170, same thing, she stayed at the top of the map and destroyed everything in seconds and she didn't even need to move :S. Reflection is one of the craziest KSing skills ever. Midway through HoH, she opened a bunch of event boxes her pet looted to get some 1.5x coupons. Out of like 100 boxes she got like 3, which was just enough. So from lvl170-200, she solo'd and solo'd until she finally hit lvl200.

    Her range at lvl191. She also had some buffs... not too many buffs though right? :)

    She and a couple members including myself never slept while a couple party members came and went. 21 hour straight run and it was hell ;S. We projected lvl200 to be 2-3 days but lol Luminous is pretty damn OP in mobbing and flat out KSing.[/HIDE-REPLY]

    Btw, she gave me the privilege to design her Luminous and this is what she looks like (with default hair/eyes):

    Matches her class! She's a little witch!

    We have to change it to an overall later though, probably going to be a Timeless Archer overall.

    EDIT: Man. Look at how bad my writing and grammar is! This is what happens when you are awake for 26 hours straight...
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  10. Default Re: Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    Wow, so freaking fast.
    What mobs did he used to train on if anyone knows?

  11. Default Re: Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    I remember reading the comments in the Basil topic about how they tried to "Legit Glitch" LHC by having a bazillion people in one map.

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    Default Re: Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    Wow, that's pretty impressive, planning and execution.

    I'm rather disappointed you had been planning on hacked spawn, and glad it didn't happen.

    For what it's worth, the #1 MYCK Luminous is "only" 188 right now, being far less organized. (At least I assume so, a mule of mine was filling at HoH for someone else when he came and joined the party apparently at random.)

  13. Default Re: Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    how does anyone play for 21 hours straight

  14. Default Re: Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    Or cocaine.

  15. Default Re: Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    I would imagine that a "legit glitch" would work at LHC.

  16. Default Re: Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    Mountain dew, red bull, coffee or the less damaging method, account sharing

  17. Default Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa

    Expected and not impressed.

  18. Default Re: Lvl200 Luminous Race in Broa




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