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  1. Default Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    So Limgoon posted a video about his OP AB pre-nerf and post-nerf.

    This nerf almost chopped off 20% of his total dmg, i supposed.

  2. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    Went down from 10 mil to a whopping 7 mil per orb now huh. Poor ABs, how can they live with their substandard damage now

  3. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    Saw this, posted it to buddies, yet some of them still say AB can easily hit 10mil post-nerf, and the nerf didn't affect them.

    The video seems to say otherwise.

  4. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    Isn't that limgoon guy super-funded? If he's dealing 7 million per orb now that says a lot, though the bitter part of me says that's still not enough.

  5. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    That's my point. People are oblivious to the fact of just how huge this Soul Seeker nerf really is.
    At the end of the video, he ends up resorting to Trinity over Soul Seeker for damage now.

  6. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    Using soul seeker on Empress -
    Heals went from taking ~3 seconds to ~10 seconds.

    Killing as a duo is possible with around 1 heal ~50seconds (uninterrupted by v1/v2)

    Bursters are still OP as balls.

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    Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    Soul Seeker still has it's amazing range though (relevant in PvP + a few other places)

  8. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    What pvp? There is no PVP in korea anymore.

  9. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    the number of balls from each attack and the chance to recur has been severely lowered. The number of balls that hit cumulatively is now less than half of what it was. Trinity is now better than soulseeker, even at max damage.

  10. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    It literally does 1/4th of the damage it used to do. How anyone can claim that doesn't affect them is beyond me. coughplebcough.

  11. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    Still looks rigged to me, but you can't very well tell how sizable a nerf was on someone who was already hitting for max damage. It might provide some decent information if you could see how high the soul seekers orbs would have hit originally without a damage cap of 10m, though.

  12. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    I hope you guys realize that this guy probably has some of the best gear in existence. Measuring ABs as a whole simply because of him is a pretty stupid thing to do.

  13. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    LF> Less funded but still godly AB for comparison. That being said I wonder how are the average ABs doing now, the nerf would affect them a lot due to ATT removal from most of the Affinity Skills and they wouldn't have been anywhere near the damage cap.

  14. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    He'd be hitting around 15m if the damage cap was higher than 10m. Judging by the videos, I want to say his base range is around 500k, which would mean he has around 140% Boss Damage/Total Damage with 100% Defense Ignore. The multiplier for Soul Shooters is 1.9? He has over 10500DEX and 600 WATK. Definitely the everyman.

  15. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    That was kind of my point. Even so, my gripe is that if people feel like throwing endless amounts of money at any given character an AB can still do more than double the damage of any other class just because of the difference in damage caps. It makes no sense to me that the class's damage would be nerfed but the ridiculous damage caps wouldn't be changed.

  16. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    That guy has thousands of dollars worth in equips, and still can't hit cap. What's the issue here? Just because there's the potential for that much damage, that doesn't mean more than 0.00000001% of players are going to hit it. I feel they should just do this for every character as well, but I digress. That's maplestory for ya.

  17. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    this guy had over max range and is now dropped to 8xxk
    and AB arent OP anymore, as other classes have their dmg caps adjusted to 50 mil

  18. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    Inbf, Soul Seeker can be affected by Dmg reflect and AB isn't OP anymore....

  19. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    That's my point. Thousands of dollars on any other class would have hit the cap at least twice over, but Angelic Buster is the only class in the game that isn't hindered by damage caps. It's not even a problem so much with ABs as it's a problem that other classes don't have 2 million or 3 million damage caps on their standard skills so that they could at least theoretically compete.

  20. Default Re: Pre-Nerf & Post-nerf AB

    Well... KMST's most recent patch made the damage cap 50mill for everyone, though it isn't set in stone, nor do we know what the flying pineapple they're doing, so everything's up in the air at this point.



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