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  2. AFK at Ch 18 Leafre Straight Male
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    I need to get that [Tentative]. Sounds like my money's worth.

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    [Tentative] sounds like a godly item. Sucks I can't get nx for any of these items...

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    Well that's interesting, there's sort of a thought process behind these sales.

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    Wow. When I saw this on Twitter, I thought it was a test of the Notify system and I wondered why it wasn't in the content tester forum.

    Lol @ Nexon

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    Nothing interesting to me so far.

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    lol, door buster.

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    Well at least we know the dates and that it's unlimited quantity now.

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    lol @ this


  11. Deluxe Refrigerator
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    Well, at least the notify system is working fine...Still though, if this means I'm gonna be wasting 25 dollars just on nx for black friday, the sales better be good.

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    Oh Notify... you so naughty.

    I guess it goes without saying that no one should even consider buying anything until we get to these sales.

  14. Idiot. Male
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    I smiled while reading through this.

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    But I really want to know what [Tentative] is!

    Looks fun, and I do wish we had big sales like that at MSEA.

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    Nice reference. I'm ashamed it took me ten seconds to get the joke.



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