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  1. Default you can make a difference in the Nexon community

    For those that have no Idea what's going on

    for mods only
    this thread is for the purpose of drawing clear borders in what players could do and what players could not for future reference. If Nexon is ignoring the questions, it will imply that nexon is giving back players the ability to do anything they want which do not violate the ToS or specified by the spirit and future players should not be held responsible for any action concerning it.

    The following questions are needed to be answered as guidelines for the future.
    Is nexon ok with remaking character grab reward rinse and repeat?
    Can Nexon suggest ways in which we can identify unintended issues?
    Is nexon's action currently written within the ToS ? If yes where, If no is it going to be in the ToS?
    when the issue was abused multiple times, how does it suddenly prove that players is doing it intentionally knowing it being an unintended issue?

    For players
    what waltzing said could mean 2 thing
    1. the quest isn't suppose to be available since the maintenance
    2. the quest isn't suppose to be available since the patch

    If people support in wanting clear borders to be established,feel free to copy this entire thread and re-post it again at
    once 60 coin threads is out of first and second page of the general sections. Please include "60 coin" as title so other people will not re-post it again to reduce spamming to a minimum.

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    Default Re: you can make a difference in the Nexon community

    Not to be rude but..what the pineapple is this pomegranate...

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    Default Re: you can make a difference in the Nexon community

    It's an attempt to reopen this:

  4. Default Re: you can make a difference in the Nexon community

    The borders are clear enough but since you like things spelled out clearly let me make this one absolute for you;

    You will drop this subject, accept the fact you are not agreed with and that everyone else is perfectly entitled to not agree with you, and never bring it up again on this site or you will lose all forms of posting privilege, permanently.

    This is not debatable, there is no one to appeal this to. I do not care about your opinion regarding this. You will not PM (or VM) myself or any of the mods or users about this.

    You are accomplishing nothing but harassing both Nexon and other players by beating this dead horse; put it to rest. Get over the fact that you were in the wrong and no amount of excuses or contorting of logic will change the fact that you do not decide how to apply the ToS, Nexon does.

    I've made this warning explicit and public so there can be no claim that you were not adequately warned or unfairly treated. You've had two strikes, your third will be the last.



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