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  1. Default [MSEA] Bugged skills

    Seems that our new Captain skills are bugged. Not sure about any of the other revamped classes, but my Captain's damage isn't anywhere near what it should be.

    I'm dealing less than half the damage I should be dealing with Easton, for example. Instead of 474% per hit, it seems to be more like 180% per hit. Wonder if this was the case in GMS when you guys got the revamp? More importantly, what are the chances that this is just a graphics glitch and I'm doing the correct amount of damage to enemies?

    Easton's Lv1, so 474% damage per hit.

    Enemy PDR = 10% * 0.8 = 8%

    Minimum Critical Damage: 5387 * 4.74 * 1.3 = 33194.694
    <Accounting for PDR>: 33194.694 * 0.92 = 30539.11848

    Maximum Critical Damage: 7588 * 4.74 * 1.5 = 53950.68
    <Accounting for PDR>: 53950.68 * 0.92 = 49634.6256

    As you can see, I shouldn't be dealing damage anywhere near 18k crit.

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    Default Re: [MSEA] Bugged skills

    I think the only problem we had in gMS was having to wait with glitched skills for pirates.
    Example: Pirates can't do ______ because it interfered with the pirate revamp skills... and such.

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    I'm not sure how they actually patched it but it's possible this is because they mashed up GMS' patch along with our own patch so you get things like seeing the Jett bounty posters. Zen? Yeah, let's not even talk about how screwed Zen is as there's not even a single Zen skillbook from MMB so far.

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    I get the feeling that the Jett posters were intentional though...they were probably too lazy to make their own for the event, so they simply re-used them.

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    Possible. We're even getting their hat it seems, as Dragon Warrior does not get their own hat in TMS.

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    Default Re: [MSEA] Bugged skills

    Easton Level 30 = 540% damage per hit

    Minimum range = 35341.

    Minimum damage without counting in defense and critical = 190841
    Minimum damage without counting in defense, minimum critical damage included = 248093

    Beetle's PDR = 10%, 20% def ignored, final PDR = 8%

    Counting in PDR:

    Minimum damage for non-critical hit = 175573
    Minimum damage for critical hit = 228245

    As you can see, the biggest number I got in the image counting in criticals can't even reach even the minimum damage I'm suppose to get without critical.

    So yeah, Captain's attack is not working properly.
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  7. Default Re: [MSEA] Bugged skills

    Do a 1HKO check - i.e. find a mob with just enough HP for your theoretical min damage (give take a little, consider crits too) to 1HKO. If 1HKO true, then => graphical glitch; else => bugged skills.

    One of JoeTang's old tricks.


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    Default Re: [MSEA] Bugged skills

    My stat before hitting.

    Minimum damage per hit without critical = 30727 * 5.40 = 165925.8

    Mutant Tino's PDR = 10%

    Defense ignored = 20%

    It's effective PDR would be 10 * 0.8 = 8%

    Minimum effective damage = 165925 * 0.92 = 152651

    Eight-Legs Easton hits 4 times, assume all hits has no criticals and all of them hits minimum damage it would have a total damage of 610604.

    A Mutant Tino only has 360,000 hp, which is wayyyyyy lower than my minimum damage.


    It didn't die despite 2 of my hits were criticals and my Final attack which has 100% proc rate hits it.

    Another clearer image with stat/damage and kill shown at the same time.

    You could see that one Tino in the middle refuses to die despite it should be 1HKO by my skill, if it's working correctly.
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  9. Default Re: [MSEA] Bugged skills

    Yeah, our only issues were the things dealing with Phanotms using their skills. My Phantom does like 80k damage (give or take a few thousand) with Easton.

  10. Default Re: [MSEA] Bugged skills

    It appears that it's only hitting once despite showing all the numbers.


  11. Default Re: [MSEA] Bugged skills

    I must give my greatest respect to JoeTang, she is a genius....
    And MapleSEA Developers are idiots
    Just rhymes

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    Thought Joetang is a girl

    you know i am an idiot that only intuitively presume the other genders by their avatars

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    Default Re: [MSEA] Bugged skills

    By the way I did some mistake in my calculation, it's 590% damage instead of 540% for level 30 Eight-leg Easton.

    Still, the result is valid.

  16. Default Re: [MSEA] Bugged skills

    One has to wonder how on earth did they mess up the code to the point that the skill's damage is completely wrong.

  17. Default Re: [MSEA] Bugged skills

    This makes me wonder.

    Is anything wrong with the Viper skills?

  18. Default Re: [MSEA] Bugged skills

    No reports received so far on Viper skills being bugged.

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    IGN: Killmeplsok
    Server: Cassiopeia
    Level: 181
    Job: Captain
    Guild: LoveOfCari
    Alliance: LoveOfCari

    Default Re: [MSEA] Bugged skills

    Seems like all mobbing skills are bugged for fellow Captains.

    Find it funny as my Battleship Nautilus only able to hit 80k on average while a Viper, lower level, lower damage range compare to me, able to hit about 180k.

    *Yeah, I'm wondering how did they manage to fail so much that even damage can be affected severely.

  20. Default Re: [MSEA] Bugged skills

    They never failed to surprise me


    yet they can make such odd and UNIQUE bug(Probably the first of the whole MapleStory history)

    During JUMP! , it's messed up Magician sound effects (Spell booster for Bishop is the sound of Summon Dragon , Advanced Bless is the sound of Holy Shield (OLD one)

    Btw, do you guys notice our pirates sound effects sounded very unclear? as if it was taken from videos rather than was generated
    Because I do remember that my Fusillade and Double Barrel Shot are very loud and thunderous in KMS and it sounded so CLEAR



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