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    Default Gun scrolling question

    Currently I'm using a Legendary Dragonfire Revolver with 90 attack with +3 all stat, except for dex which is 5. It only has one slot left, and I have a silent crusade scroll. My issue is that I'm unsure if I should just use it on my gun or if I should save it incase I ever somehow end up with an empress gun.

    What should I do?
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    Default Re: Gun scrolling question

    I'm gonna say save it.

  3. Default Re: Gun scrolling question

    Save it. Empress is much better and guns should be relatively cheaper than other Cygnus equips, plus 60% scroll with a 100% success rate is nothing to be sneezed at.

  4. Default Re: Gun scrolling question

    Does anyone happen to have a list of which scroll the classes get? I would have assumed but it gave my Paladin a 1h scroll and my Hero a 2h one, despite both being able to use either and I don't know if it's fixed or random. (Dark Knight also got 2h weapon)



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