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  1. Default Normal Final Attack

    Does FA work with 4th job skills? Only referring to classes without AFA.

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    Default Re: Normal Final Attack

    This would depend on the specific attack skill. In general, I'd say yes.

    Side note: What classes have FA without AFA?

  3. Default Re: Normal Final Attack

    Dark Knight

    As for whether FA works with the skill, check Fiel's extraction skill tables. If there's a Final Attack tag on it, it works.

    In general, it works as long as it's an attack skill, but you can never be too certain.

  4. Electron Gay Male

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    Default Re: Normal Final Attack

    Also Battle Mages once GMS gets the Resistance revamp..

  5. Default Re: Normal Final Attack

    Also evan and wind archer has FA but no AFA. And corsair has a unique version of FA.

  6. Default Re: Normal Final Attack

    Evan and Battle Mage Final Attack works with fourth job skills.

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    Default Re: Normal Final Attack

    classes that had FA before big bang though, have minimal range FA though, i need to be within sac range to be able for FA to trigger*



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