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  1. Default Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    I've enjoyed playing on my Hero, Paladin, and Dark Knight because I can move my stuff around when I need it. I picked up Marksman and that was fun too. I played with my characters I made in 2006 and that was pretty enjoyable too. All this was possible because I got to use things that I already paid for.

    But these new classes? I'm being restricted from things that I've already paid for and now you are asking me to pay for them again.

    So, I've detailed several arguments why right now, the Cash Shop inventory system is terrible... for us and Nexon.


    Argument 1: Nexon is handicapping portions of their playerbase.

    I've used this argument/example in the Maple-News interview thing that happened a couple months back:

    The following players buy a permanent Hyper Teleport Rock.

    Player #1 has two Explorers.
    Player #2 has an Explorer and a Mercedes.
    Player #3 has an Evan and a Mercedes.

    Player #1 can use their Hyper Rock on both their characters while Player #2 and #3 can only have it on one. Player #2 has the benefit of moving the Rock to another Explorer but Player #3 is totally screwed.

    The point is, these three players have paid Nexon 30k NX: nothing more, nothing less. The fact that Player #2 and #3 are restricted even though they paid the same amount as Player #1 is by itself extremely unfair and stupid.


    Argument 2: Newer classes that release in the future suffer the most repercussions.

    Say a player looks at the KMS blogs and says "wow! Angelic Burster is so cool!" and decides that AB is going to be their main. They go to BannedStory to plan out a look that they were content with and they then wait patiently for AB's release. However, there's a sale going on: suddenly there's permanent versions of all the clothes you want! But the sale ends in 1 week, nowhere near the release date of AB. So we have several problems here:

    Should they wait until AB releases, the clothes they want won't even be in the Cash Shop for them to buy. (These new sales are going "out of stock" after the sale ends because... IDK why... It's stupid. Ask Nexon.).

    If they have this insight and buy the clothes in advanced, there's no way for them to transfer them because of this stupid exclusive cash shop system.

    There's also reluctance to buy NX for new classes, like this thinking for example: "Brand new class? Exclusive GMS class? Aliens and Lasers?! Oh man, I gotta play!... oh wait, I can't move my pets over... or my facial expressions, or some of my old NX clothes... oh well, another mule then. I don't have to spend money on buying new stuff like hair/face and inventory expansions because it's a mule now. I had a new look in mind but now I don't want to spend the money because I'll never have all my other stuff and I'll never be able to move that look back to my other characters if I wanted."

    This system just hurts new players and especially players willing to spend money on NX. All it does is cause a great deal of reluctance towards actually NX gearing new classes as well as further lower the opinion of Nexon.


    Argument #3 : It cheapens their own product.

    What is the value of something that cannot be traded? In the economy, it would be effectively worth nothing. When you have the inability to move your own belongings, they are pretty much dead to the economy. The only value it has is what you give it.

    So why does Nexon sell Royal Hair Coupons by the bundle? Say if you bought the bundle of 11, you get your dream look on your Phantom with 4 coupons. What about those 7 left? You can't trade them to other people and you can't even trade it to your own characters. You certainly don't want to ruin the dream look you just achieved and there's nothing else to really blow it on since Androids can't use it. So... those 7 coupons are worthless meaning you overpaid for what you got.

    You might be saying "you're stupid to buy 11 in the first place! Of course you should suffer the loss!". That's my point. It's a stupid deal. You can't even justify the extra money because you have a much better chance to get what you want in less than 10 coupons anyway. All this system really does is make certain deals worthless. There's absolutely no reason to spend more money on anything with no value.

    If, however, you can trade these within your account, suddenly the bundle and saving money on 1 coupon seems a lot better. Perhaps you like having those coupons just in case things don't go your way and if you do get lucky, you can easily justify the rest of the coupons by primping your mules or secondaries. Even if you don't have mules or secondaries, the option is always there so they aren't totally worthless. People who don't see the value of having those coupons for mules simply won't buy them but there exists many who can justify the package.

    Even better, if those coupons were fully tradeable, suddenly everyone can justify buying the package. That guy who didn't care for primping his mules and secondaries can suddenly justify the package because he can get whatever he didn't spend back in his pocket. They wouldn't feel cheated or feel like it was a waste of money. This kind of thinking would motivate them to actually buy NX. Suddenly, buying 11 coupons isn't so bad because you can always sell them to people who want them.


    Argument 4 : Surprise Style Boxes completely contradict any support for this old system.

    This one argues more than just the inventory.

    Surprise Style Boxes are pretty great: fully tradeable, permanent, and they're affordable. People buy them because of these reasons. You're buying NX clothes in the same way you get Gachapon: you pray to get something you like and sell whatever you don't like. The system works and everyone's happy.

    The box itself is a huge contradiction to the old system: it makes the old system look incredibly stupid.

    Fully tradeable -> You can't monetize cash shop nx: people have to resort to gifting. Surprise Style fully monetizes its clothes so people can trade NX for money, something unthinkable several years back.

    Permanent -> Why would you want to buy expiring clothes (or equally, rent clothes for a limited time)? That hugely diminishes the incentive to actually buy those clothes. Who knows, maybe the person won't even play for more than a month... but having clothes without an expiration date will always look better to people and actually prompt them to spend money. Even the people that do play for more than 90 days, there are so many more outfits in this game that it doesn't even matter. Almost no one settles for 1 outfit, 1 character, 1 account even: permanent stuff will always look better and people will buy it even if they have a vast library of clothes. For that reason, premium Surprise will always look good in the eyes of the buyer.

    Affordable -> Expiring clear face is like what... 3k NX? Permanent version from Surprise Box is like 150mil ish which is like... 3k NX. Why is that? It's because Surprise Style boxes are affordable. Actually I lied: you have a much better chance in losing money from a Surprise Style Box run, yet people buy them buy the hundreds. Why? Because of they can make up their loss by selling it. Because of that, people buy more which means there's a huge supply which means there's affordable NX for everyone.

    All these points completely go against the old system and it's very successful in my eyes: why does this old system even need to exist? What they could do is make the cash shop the same way: Why not make NX fully account tradeable so that NX clothes have a much higher value? Why not offer the permanent option to every NX item so that they actually look enticing enough to buy? Surprise Style Box shows that it can work.

    IMO Surprise Style Box is hugely successful at the expense of the old system: Nexon could balance out that success by improving the old system while keeping Surprise Style boxes with their exclusives so that both are valuable. They could easily add the features that made Surprise Style Boxes so likeable onto all their cash shop items so that they can actually have a healthy balance between the two and have the best of both worlds and not just one of them.

    Everyone will be happy to have NX clothes and Nexon will be happy selling NX items and Surprise Style Boxes while looking respectable.


    So TL;DR section:

    Nexon, you should get rid of the Exclusive Cash Shop Inventory because of these problems:

    -It hurts the players that support you because their content gets limited while others don't.
    -The way it is now, people will feel cheated from the Cash Shop and thus never have the motivation to buy NX.
    -It cheapens your own NX deals.
    -It cheapens your content such as new classes and ultimately all the content that goes with those new classes.
    -It lowers everyone's opinion of you (and if you have ever checked the Maple fansites, their opinion of Nexon is quite low).
    -You're relying on the success of one system at the expense of another.

    What you should do is the following:

    Get rid of exclusive Cash Shop Inventories OR make NX items account bound and be able to be stored in the town banks/storage. This means make all NX clothing tradeable (make them account-bound on equip) and make all coupons tradeable.

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    Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    I completely agree. I have 3 mains. Db. Shad. Phantom.
    I would buy the Tele Rock if it was tradeable, but because it isn't I will never get a rock on any character.
    Many people are like me, but then again there are others that will buy multiple rocks for all characters. Same argument both ways for clothes.

    I have also had this problem, haha. Keep in mind Nexon adds sales strategically... And they do it... very very well. They put up amazing sales before a class is released, so that people will buy it on their current mains. Once the class is released, if people liked it originally they will still like it and buy temp. NX, anvil, etc for it in addition to the perma they bought for their old mains.

    Completely agree. No doubt.

    Kind of confused me. Rereading.

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    Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    Seems well reasoned and logical.
    Nexon will never go for it.

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    Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    Unfortunately, Nexon's going to keep on doing what they want and not listen to the community.
    This world of ours. D:

  5. Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    I see a few errors... I'll proofread and edit later.


    EDIT: Nevermind... I'm just going to leave those errors in so I can keep it unedited. It's mostly spelling anyway.
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  6. Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    Any argument is moot while Nexon is making tons and tons of money. Talk to them if sales ever flag drastically.
    Especially with anything that lessens potential sales.

    Don't fix what isn't broken in their eyes.

    This is false. Enough people are okay with buying new pets and clothes, not to mention cubing new gear, that they don't need to get rid of exclusive Cash Shop inventories. The money keeps flowing and there isn't much encouragement to change.

    You may think they're a terrible idea, and the rest of the consumer base can be behind you (and we pretty much all are), but that's because you're a consumer. To the business, it's a great idea once you have enough people hooked (and can keep that addiction rolling).

  7. Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    It's a terrible idea because they can make the same amount of money or more while having good PR and having a not totally broken game. I'm looking at how things benefit the consumer AND Nexon.

  8. Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    I always assumed this was common sense and only a sh`itty gimmick to not ignore new classes. Personally I'd be more open to play other classes if I could transfer everything.

    Is there anyone who disagrees with you?

  9. Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    I get what you mean...
    You are a little like me when it comes to characters/dressing up etc and this has been bugging me ever since more classes besides
    adventurers came out. It completely stopped me from making classes other than adventurers unless it's a mule. I never really play
    the ones that I cant share the CS items with I already bought.

  10. Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    Idk, Nexon does I guess.

    It's not common sense to new players because they haven't yet experienced being unable to transfer their NX after being suckered in by "Brand New Classes!" advertisements.

    I think the realization happens most commonly when they make their first lvl120 Mikhail and make a UA, only to realize that all the shiny NX they bought on Mikhail are stuck there forever.

  11. Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    It's common sense it's a retarded implementation, it's assume it's because they are trying to advertise the new classes. Not trying to trivialize it but this was better as an angry dome thread. I don't see much to discuss.

  12. Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    This so much. I wanted the Pink Flower T-Shirt and the Deep Blue Sea Knee Socks, none of which are in the CS anymore, for my Luminous. *sigh*

  13. Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    It was a model that was created back when they weren't making as much money because people could transfer their nx clothes between different characters (KMS had permanent clothes a lot longer than we did), and the only thing that Nexon had was Gachapon and 2x exp card to make money from. Now they have cubes to make money from, so it's somewhat of an outdated model.

    Realistically it would be nice if they made some items at least transferable, such as cubes, shop permits, and other useable items; while making other equipment transferable once to another character with a different cash shop after it's purchased which would allow people to purchase something previously, or decide 'I don't really like this character, I want to switch to that one'.

  14. Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    I just don't buy NX on non-adventurers, let the numbers speak for themselves. I've got a Hyper tele rock on my explorers, but not on my Aran/Mercedes/Cannoneer/Jett/Phantom/etc. and the result is that I just don't play those characters as much.

    Anviled equips are tradeable between any class you like, so I got 4 of those so far, may add more.

  15. Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    As much as I'm affected by restricted cash shops I see Nexon's point with it. You said it yourself, you paid for stuff in 2006 and you feel frustrated you can't keep using them now 6 years later or have to pay again for them. If people could just pay for something once and never spend again until they quit then what kind of business would nexon have out of it?

    Even if the potential system makes it so Nexon is always gaining money now, you gotta be realistic on that they will never do a move that will lower their profit. In this scenario I consider the best solution for both Nexon and us would be adding an unique cash shop inventory for all characters, then getting rid of permanent stuff, that way both parties get what they want.

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    Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    1. F2P business model in their eyes is for profit, not for "player" content. The reason why it was changed inn the first place starting with KoC was all for profits. It's likely not going to change. As a long time player as well, I would think nexon's act on this case is just.

    2. Its their choice on what to put in the Cash Shop. items will eventually come back. just because a player missed a perm transparent sale for example, and a class gets released right after doesnt mean the event is coming back. This statement is due to impatience. The playerbase imo is already lucky that suprise style items can even be sold in the first place.

    3. A possible flaw in a system like this would be duping, as making anything tradable makes it susceptible to it. This is also one of the advantages if a player played an adventurer. Albeit newer classes get better in content and generally practicalness in use(and a link skill on top), adventurers have the least restrictions. playing a new job means you accept the negative outcomes.

    4. Meso sales can partially lead to a tiny meso sink. Nexon gets NX, players keep trading mesos and tax kicks in. If its a shop, players buy shops. Win win situation for Nexons POV

    edit: In the end. it doesnt matter what nexon does for the better or worse. the game is more than popular enough that they can almost do anything and still keep players playing. Think of nexon similar to EA. EA gets really bad rep for customer service and stuff due to DLC, Customer support, still doesnt stop players from buying their games like Crysis, Battlefield, Mass Effect, or any of their sports games for example. Nothing is in the players hand on changing anything unless alot of players quit.

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    Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    To add on to #2, NexonNA has come out and said they are very unlikely to implement the full Cash Trading System, which was another option to trade perma NX gear to their new class, assuming they have a trustworthy friend to help them with.

    It's just another shot in the foot.

    And what about CS items that retire(d)? What if they wanted them on their AB / Kaiser / etc?

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    Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    Even a full set of clothes, pet with all its gear, and perma hyper tele rock and safety charm, don't add up to the cost of scrolling and cubing a single endgame equip.

    Right now, Nexon keeps forcing us to try out all the new classes (by means of link skills), but the vast majority of those characters are abandoned as soon as the link skill is obtained, and without having a single NX spent on them. People don't buy stuff for a character that will get to 70 in a few days, and playing a character that has no pet or hyper rock is not nearly as much fun as it could be.

    By letting people transfer their existing convenience and cosmetic items to a new char, Nexon would greatly increase the chance of that char to be played beyond 120 and especially to 140, and start spending on Wards and Cubes and all that stuff.

    I believe their profits would actually increase if they unify cash shop inventories.

  19. Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    Arguably, we would never know if Nexon would actually lose or gain money if they made cash equips fully tradable as the argument goes both ways (Some would still buy for main characters while some would never buy NX for characters with exclusives, the other also applies). Even so I would say that the immense popularity of items such as the Anvils pretty much speak for themselves and that the potential volume of people buying cash equips if they could only trade it between all of their characters is nothing to be sneezed at.

    It is faulty logic to say that no one would buy more cash equips if everything was tradable because new equips are being released all of the time. In terms of addiction to new items, I only began to pay attention when we got permanent equips because the idea of replacing these things is dumb as all hell (Same goes for my functional equips; if I buy I plan to be able to use it forever). These equips aren't going to look as nice on everyone either so the chances that the potential shopper would get more is higher once they realize that they can give it to a mule if they don't like it any more and that they can mix and match later on.

    As it is for me right now, I have a permanent pet from the Surprise Style Box which I'll tailor for my Adventurers (My main Adventurers are a Bowmaster and Bishop and I'm planning to main a Crossbow Master at one point), I'll get another for my Phantom when the job's out and all of my other characters can forget about nice equips because I don't get to care enough about how they look to justify the cost of investing more. Considering that one player alone could spend > $ 200 on these things you'd think they would at least evaluate the cost and risks and try it, seeing that the system you guys currently have has been quite the hit.

    Edit: And SaptaZapta has a really good point there. Besides the absolute stupidity of the system that's called MMB I never bother to go past level 140 because my characters don't look pretty enough and you'd have to be pretty stupid to get unique to legendary stuff at that kind of level since you don't need it. And how does one obtain those items if they have lots of cash, no mesos and they don't want to do illegal trades? Hint hint.

  20. Default Re: Cash Shop Inventories - why they're a terrible idea.

    Uh, no? I only ever bought perma clothes and pet+ equips. I did this for 3 different characters. If I could have traded items, I would not have. Therefore nexon would have made less money.

    Would I like to be able to trade my equips between all my characters? Absolutely. Would it have made nexon more money from me? Not a chance.
    Assuming baselessly that they would make more money by doing this is risky, and I'm absolutely sure they've considered it, and since they know more about how much is spent on NX items than any of us do, the choice they made of not to risk doing it (Because they obviously couldn't change back afterwards) should be telling.



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