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    Default Mac OSX Upgrade Help

    I've hesitated making a thread about this for a few months now given cyberculture's notorious hatred of Macs, but given Firefox just popped up saying it and Apple no longer support my operating system, I just don't care anymore, and figure someone here will be able to help.


    I'm using an old Macbook from mid-2009, specs:

    Mac OS X Version 10.5.8
    Processor: 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    Memory: 2 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

    I'm three whole OS versions behind because I'm an idiot and never upgraded initially when 10.6 was released, and of course Apple (or any operating system? I don't know these things) requires you to have the latest version installed before upgrading, so now I can't even access the Mac App Store to even try and purchase 10.6 if it's even still available.

    Here's the deal though: I'm only on this computer for another year, as I plan on upgrading to the newest Macbook Pro available next summer. So I'm not too fixated on this machine, though I'd like it to run well until then, obviously. Point being, I'd like to get it up to 10.7 so I can have Apple Mail version 5, as well as support for everything else.

    From what I saw on Amazon, Mac OS 10.6 is like, $150. I'm not paying that as an intermediate OSX, so I torrented a disk image .iso file that's ready to install...only it wants me to burn the disk image to a DVD, and of course it's a 7.7 GB file and the traditional DVDs I have are 4.7 GB. I compressed the file down to a 6.1 GB zip, which of course still won't fit said DVD.


    1. How do I install 10.6 given the above?
    2. Can I install 10.6 without getting an 8 GB dual-layered DVD? Are these alternatives worth it?
    3. Is there are great place online to back up my computer, or should I just buy an external hard drive?


    BONUS SIDE QUESTION OMG: Personal opinion: how often do you guys upgrade your computers? I like the idea of doing it every 4 years, but this situation has given me an interesting perspective into the question, given I have done no updates on this computer and am finding that, after 3 years, such systems essentially become obsolete. Now I'm assuming that's kind of irrelevant given had I updated my operating system accordingly things would be fine for another few years until the machine's specs couldn't support a new OSX, but still, it begs the question.

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    upgrading to 10.6 does not mean all ur files are removed
    they are all in-tact unless you choose the option to do a "clean" install then all your information is gone

    you dont need a DVD to upgrade, I've managed to actually buy a usb upgradable drive. (this is how those macbook air gets upgraded too since they have no dvd drives)
    I think the apple store sells those still (usb upgradable drives as opposed to traditional DVD)
    the apple store is more than happy to help you

    my macbook is late 2008, u shud try to get 4gb of ram at least

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    Default Re: Mac OSX Upgrade Help

    Bonus question: I dunno, I've typically upgraded my computers every 3-5 years.

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    Default Re: Mac OSX Upgrade Help

    The closest Apple Store to me, however, is an hour away by bus, and my roommate is busy and thus wouldn't be able to drive me.

    I've also seen online that it's possible to upgrade with a USB, which I think I'd like to try.

    So my new question for everyone: is there a free method that I can use to back up everything on my computer? I don't know if anyone sells external hard drives here in the downtown, and I don't want to pick one up just quite yet with the cost and what not. Is there somewhere on the internet I can back everything up? Is there something build into Macs I can use to back everything up? Free is best but honestly whatever's cheapest works, of course.

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    How much space are we talking here? 2gb? 5? 10? 50? may be a good solution for sub 2gbs. Worst case, I can lend you some disc space on my server.

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    Default Re: Mac OSX Upgrade Help

    Nah it's just below 100 GB. I think I should just get an external. Thanks though!

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    Well, average external prices are about this.

    320gb - $50-$60

    500gb - $60-$70

    1tb - $90-100

    If it were me, I'd save for the 1tb.



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