Recruiting for TheLastStory, FinalAct and FinalChapterHiya! First of all I really want to thank you for taking the time to look into my guild listing and I hope you'll find your experience with us a very exciting one. :D

Why are three guilds listed? And why those names? [red] People say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case these names are like a picture, a story, a chapter. [/red]
The purpose of this guild (yes i said this guild, because to me it's 1 guild as a whole) is to have fun, is for everyone that's willing to join become a part of this [blue]story[/blue], everyone will be able to write their own [blue]chapter[/blue]. They say that people are compelled to [blue]Act[/blue] upon how they feel, upon things that gives them motivation. Everyone deals with problems in their life, maybe not now but perhaps later on in life (Hopefully not :p). Sometimes dealing with those type of situations may be difficult, weither if it's online or offline, that's why I want to be able to create a guild where there is [blue] balance [/blue] (Guild allaince name), so when people do need help, If my guildies aren't prepared to help to that extent yet, I'd be glad to help out whenever I can :). Hopefully you and many others will be able to mark a [blue]chapter[/blue] in our lives, and make an imprint in this [blue]story[/blue] that will last a thousand life times.

Requirement?No hacking
No scamming
No harassing others
No ksing (I'll explain more about this along the way how to deal with this)

[green] We understand that school can get in the way sometimes :p but try to provide us an update on how your life is going, for every member means something to us[/green]

[red] There is no level or age requirement in this guild, so please do reframe from cursing, there may be some younger people in the guild later on, and it'd be good practice for the social world out there :p [/red]

How do you apply / join?This is the easy part , basically just apply by following the outline below or get creative and create your own outline! ^_^ Or you can whisper me in game (FluffyRooRoo)

Previous guild(s):
Reason(s) for leaving:
What do you want out of this guild?:
Reason for joining:
Extra comment(s):
Thank you for your time! And we hope to see you in game soon! =]