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  1. Default Nova/Tyrant equips and pottable rings

    Two separate questions regarding KMS equips.

    1) How realistic is it to obtain the Nova/Tyrant equips? Does Nova drop from regular Magnus and Tyrant from hard mode Magnus? I need to upgrade my belt/cape but I'm not sure if I should just wait for these to come out in GMS.

    2) Going through extractions, I see in the first Kaiser patch, there were two rings with slots released, one level 75 and the other lv120. These are pottable, correct? Are they easy to obtain? I'm considering getting the ark ring set but I'm not sure if those rings will be completely obsoleted by these pottable rings.

    BONUS QUESTION: did Fusion Anvil/Magical Anvil leave the KMS cash shop after the patch in which they were introduced? I was planning on saving NX for a cube sale but if I need to anvil all my equips now I will.

  2. Default Re: Nova/Tyrant equips and pottable rings

    1) Nova equips drop from regular Magnus, and Tyrant drops from Hard mode. Afaik, Hard mode is undefeated, so the only Tyrant equips are from a hot time (I think 15 per world, don't quote me on that).

    2) Can't answer.

    Bonus question: According to the cash shop specials post on the website, Anvils are leaving on October 9th



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