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    I've been following and listening to this guy and his site since mid May of this year, when there were only around 200 live viewers. It's the only reason I know so much of the stupidly corrupted Mexican government. He says things without sugarcoating them, telling it how it is and informing the general public by posting news on that the real media should be informing. Since I started watching it, he has done daily streams (Monday through Sunday), I have watched all of them and he's only been absent about 5 total times, until this past Saturday.

    He wears a mask during his broadcasts, even though in later streams he mentioned that his real identity had already been exposed by the followers of the PRI (most corrupt political party in Mexico). He is aware of that and keeps on wearing the mask more as a symbol.

    Right before the Mexican elections, the site and many others that reported on the truth were under heavy fire by PRI promoters because they had underestimated the power of the internet, of the social networks as a news outlet. However, they were never able to take down the site.

    A day after the elections (July 2), he informed us, through his stream, that he had been threatened by phone. It was the first time it had been serious, he told us that he had already received numerous amount of death threats via email, but anyone can do that through the internet. However, the caller actually give him information such as his name, his address and other personal information, so that he was aware that this was serious. He was told to take down the site ( by July 5 or else they would take him down.

    On the 4th of July he vanished for two or three days, other members of streamed in his place, until he came back online saying that he was now in Canada after being forced out of Mexico. He resumed transmitting normally, without problems, but earlier this month (September) he had to go back to Mexico because of a surgery he had to get done, but resumed broadcasting as usual, being very cautious.

    I was watching live that stream when he went missing. For more than a month now, he had been doing 3 hour streaming sessions. Right after the second hour of his stream had started he unexpectedly went offline and that was the last anyone has ever heard from him.

    This guy, I really hope this guy is fine. He has given his all to inform many people, he has never sold out and has always refused donation and ads on the site. He always says, instead of donating money, for each cent you want to donate share a news article from the site. His latest streams reached up to 5,000 live viewers.

    This man has balls and, for the first time in a very long time, I prayed to whatever imaginary being is up in the sky that will protect him from any harm.

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    Still no news from him. And happy Mexican Independence Day!

    No, I'm just pineappleing kidding, that country has no independence. Let's pineappleing celebrate by beating the pomegranate out of protesters.

    Who's that guy that was thrown done and kicked in the jaw? He's Rafita, another very vocal person that's very against the imposition. He rallies marches in Tijuana.


    Over in Juarez, a couple of protesters (including me) were forcibly removed from the "celebration" area by police because "we can't do that". Cameras and cellphones were stolen by those scumbags. Ladies that were being detained were sexually harassed by these sons of peaches...

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    Guys like this are easy targets due to how many viewers/listeners they reach. He has a lot of fans as well as haters. T

    I hope he turns up, but I wouldn't be surprised if not.



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