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Thread: Pet Dilemma

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    If I have 3 pets out, my game crashes. Fairly often. Like, 5 minutes of training often.

    If I have 1 pet out, the 3rd pet equip slot works, and I get the same equip bonuses as if I had the pet out.

    So is it better to use the glitch to play as if I had multiple pets out, or to just crash a lot, or to unequip the third pet equip entirely?

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    Whatever allows you to play. I dont think a glitch in which its "Use the glitch or dont play" is warranted as a bad glitch. But to each his own.

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    Um... I think you're worrying about this too much. lol
    You already bought multi-pet, you already bought the 3 pets, you already bought their equips, and now you can't use them because of Nexon's inability to give us a bug-free or bug-minimized game. So, to avoid 1 bug, you take advantage of another, go for it.

    No one will know the difference, and Nexon won't care. Doesn't hurt them, and doesn't give you an advantage you didn't already pay for.

    Honestly, I hope this was a joke topic. DX

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    You already paid the NX for everything. If it takes a workaround to get around nexons poor programming, which is actively preventing you using what you have paid for, there is nothing wrong with only having 1 pet out.

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    Is this topic a corollary for draconian DRM? Put up with ridiculous restrictive measures or just pirate a game after you buy it?

    If you have the ability to get all three pets out, but you crash if you have them all out, then is there any difference between having all three out and only having one out? Your dilemma here is not that you found a way to get the bonus of three pets with just one, you have three pets and the game won't let you use them all to their intended ability.



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