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    Where would the best place to hunt these be on a 174 character? Looking for a non-party play area because those enemies take forever to kill.

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    Temple of Time, I would assume. Of the two that I have, I got them both there. Though the non-party play mobs in Future Henesys might be better, since you can get Dream Fragments too.

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    The non party play mobs in stronghold have s'hitty maps though.

    I got all 100 of mine at tot. Whether you grab off of botters or get them yourself it's a clutch spot esp if you hunt for other things like legendary hero potion recipes.

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    Oblivion 4/5 usually have the best drops. They drop a little less often than PoTs but on 2x/4x drop you can reap quite a few.

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    They drop from all mobs over level 70, regardless of your level. I've gotten them from Big Spiders and Pandas, for example.
    Drop rate might be better at higher level mobs (I got most of mine at Mutant Ribbon Pigs).

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    All lv151-200 mobs are in the same drop group, so Leafre (near the Cave of life, skelegons and such), ToT (Frozen past and on) or Future hene. I have gotten about 4 emblems just by doing the kill 333 up to Road to Oblivion on 1x. Also, the icebox quest gives an emblem for 9+ days.

    Actually, it doesnt really mater because all lv70+ do drop them, drop rates dont to be affected much by level. Ofc experience is better at higher level places.

    ToT you can get PoT, Future you can get Dream fragments. You could also hunt Mutant snails or Pigs for cards.

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    Ravaged Forest: Dreamy Forest Trail with the mutant pigs is a rather decent map.

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    I alternate between Mutant Snails and Mutant Pigs depending on which familiar I want more. They're not too hard to find on 4x at those maps.

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    I like Mutant Snails at henesys market. The map is extremely easy to run about since there're pretty much only 2 lanes



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