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  1. Default Golden Hammer 50%

    I don't fully know how they work. Would be grateful for the following answers :)

    1) If it fails, will number of hammer applied increase?
    2) If hammers applied is increased, but no additional upgrade slots is given, can it be gotten back with a clean slate scroll?
    3) If it fails, can I still apply 2 Vicious Hammers?

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    Default Re: Golden Hammer 50%

    1) Yes.
    2) I think so.
    3) No (see 1).

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    Default Re: Golden Hammer 50%

    yes yes no.

  4. Default Re: Golden Hammer 50%

    Bonus round: Can they be used on items that have already been hammered once?

  5. Default

    2) no idea, i dont think so
    3) No

    I used 2 from an old event, both failed. it said i applied 2 hammers. I would not recommend using them for end game gear.

    @Stereo; yes, if a item has been hammered once you can use an event 50% since you can hammer an item twice

  6. Default Re: Golden Hammer 50%

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. No

    If you fail a hammer slot, it counts the slot as "Failed", so you can get it back with a CSS.

  7. Default Re: Golden Hammer 50%

    Yeah, pretty sure they can.

  8. Default

    If i use a hammer on my nutsack, can i use 2 more hammers on the same nutsack?

  9. Default Re: Golden Hammer 50%

    I remember from The golden pig event
    I used 1 50% hammer on the belt and it failed
    "Number of hammers used: 1"
    Extra slots...None.

  10. Default Re: Golden Hammer 50%

    Cause the slot is considered "Failed", as if you failed a scroll on it.

  11. Default Re: Golden Hammer 50%

    For some reason the golden hammers don't work when I tried to hammer anything, are they glitched or something?

  12. Default Re: Golden Hammer 50%

    Double click them, don't drag them on an item :)

  13. Default Re: Golden Hammer 50%

    Are you trying to use them like scrolls, or double clicking them like normal hammers?

  14. Default Re: Golden Hammer 50%

    Thanks I feel kinda stupid haha, and lame both of them failed on my ring :l
    @iAmFear; yeah I was trying to drag them.



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