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  1. Default [KMST] Helisium Tour

    Just a small tour of Helisium~ I don't really think it's finished yet though~
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    Default Re: [KMST] Helsium Tour

    The maps look boring and annoying to train on (unless you are a Mercedes)
    The monsters are pretty low level
    The music sucks.

    Yeah, i'm not impressed. :(

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    Default Re: [KMST] Helsium Tour

    The first seconds music, somehow it reminds of Game Of Thrones intro.

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    I said it in the other thread and I'll say it here. Nexon sure put a cr@pload of work on creating a low lvl training area, like it is needed at all...

    Oh and the spawn in some maps seems too low, they better increase it or those maps will be deserted even upon release.

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    Well, back to Aliens!


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    The moons in the background remind me of the Chaos zak/ht/pb maps

    I really wish Helisium was a high lvl area though...

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    And that's what Nexon meant by "high level area" in the inkwell conference thing? HAHAHAHA.

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    Isn't finished though.... it seems that they will expand the area... or it will end like Ellin Forest

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    I actually like the music for some of the training maps. +3+;

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    Default Re: [KMST] Helsium Tour

    Do portals look different now? or is that just KMST?

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    Portals recieved a makeover in Tempest part 1.

  12. Default Re: [KMST] Helsium Tour

    New portals with tempest.

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    Boring area is boring. Invincible boss is invincible. Nothing new to see here.

    Now upload a video of you defeating Magnus, and then we'll talk about pineapples.

    I'm kidding, of course. Magnus' Sword cannot be beat.

  14. Default Re: [KMST] Helsium Tour

    I'm still wondering what the pineapple they were thinking when they added such a funky theme to a town that was supposed to be a hometown violently taken by a traitor. :|

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    Default Re: [KMST] Helsium Tour

    Most of the maps are just all flat. Which is what I hate.

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    What is the level range for those monsters? I couldn't find them in the extraction data. Sorry if this is a necropost. :/

  17. Default Re: [KMST] Helsium Tour

    I think the level 90+

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