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  1. Default ShiKage's Ultimate Hayato Guide

    Since it has been confirmed GMS is getting the two classes from JMS, I decided I will make a bigger, better guide.

    Hayato's FAQs

    Q. Is Hayato gender locked?
    A. No, Hayato will not be gender locked in GMS. He is, however , gender locked in JMS.

    Q. Is Hayato a time-limited class?
    A. Yes, Hayato is a time-limited class.

    Q. What type of class/race is Hayato?
    A. On the character selection screen in JMS, he is listed as 暁の陣, which would translate to something along the lines of "Dawn Encampment." However, GMS seems to have listed Hayato and Kanna as "Sengoku" characters, for the fact that they originate from the Sengoku Era of Japanese history.

    Q. Does Hayato have a separate cash storage?
    A. In JMS, all cash storages are shared, as long as each character is created within the same server/world. In GMS, Hayato and Kanna both have completely separated cash storages, so they cannot share NX items with other characters.

    Q. What weapon does Hayato use?
    A. Hayato uses a Katana, with a Kodachi as his sub-weapon. The Kodachi can be scrolled for potential.

    Q. What type of weapon is a Katana?
    A. Katanas count as two-handed weapons.

    Q. What is Hayato's damage range formula?
    A. Hayato's damage range formula is 1.25*(4*STR+DEX)*(Attack/100)

    Q. What is Hayato's character card bonus?
    A. Hayato's character card bonus is +% minimum critical damage. 2% for B rank, 4% for A rank, 6% for S rank, and 8% for SS rank.

    Q. What is Hayato's link skill?
    A. Hayato's link skill is +10 all stats, +5 weapon attack. Magic attack is not included.

    Skill Information

    Beginner :

    Master of Blades [Master Level : 1]
    Description : Permanently increase speed by 20, increase max speed to 165, increase jump by 10, increase evasion by 20%, increase mastery by 60%, and increase Willpower to level 30.

    Keen Edge [Master Level : 1]
    Description : Increase all stats by 10 and weapon attack and magic attack by 5. This skill can be shared with one other character on the account at any time. Limit one transfer a day.

    Summer Rain [Master Level : 1]
    Description : Attack up to 15 enemies 6 times for 500% damage. When used, you will receive a +15% damage boost buff for 120 seconds.
    [Cool Down Time] : 600 seconds

    Shimada Heart [Master Level : 1]
    Description : For every 100 points of defense you have, permanently increase your damage by 0.5%. For example, if you have 3,000 points of defense, you will gain a damage boost of 15%.

    First Job :

    Sanrenzan [Master Level : 20]
    Description : Press the skill key continuously to attack up to three times, dealing 70% twice, 80% twice, and 100% three times to up to 4 targets.

    Battoujutsu Stance [Master Level : 20]
    Description : When activated, it puts your character into a Battoujutsu Stance style stance. When activated, it puts your character into a Battoujutsu Stance style stance. This skill increases your critical rate by 25%, gives a 20% stun chance to all skills and increases your weapon attack speed by an increment of 1. This skill drains your MP by 1 every second at maximum level.

    Surging Blade [Master Level : 15]
    Description : Press the skill key to continuously attack up to 4 times at fast speeds, dealing 100% damage per hit.

    Center Ki [Master Level : 10]
    Description : Permanently increase your STR and DEX by 30.

    Second Job :

    Jin Sanrenzan [Master Level : 20]
    [Required Skill : Sanrenzan Level 20]
    Description : Press the skill key continuously to attack up to three times, dealing 100% twice, 120% twice, and 140% three times to up to 5 targets.

    Shouryuusen [Master Level 15]
    Description : Hit up to 6 enemies 5 times and knocks enemies into the air for 100% damage each hit. This skill can be connected with Dankuusen and Whirlwind Cut to create a special combination, which allows Dankuusen to hit criticals at a 100% rate.

    Dankuusen [Master Level : 15]
    [Required Skill : Shouryuusen Level 1 or higher]
    Description : Dash forward and attack 6 enemies 4 times each for 170% damage each hit. It has a 100% critical rate if combined with Shouryuusen.

    Vapor Blade [Master Level : 5]
    Description : Double tap your up arrow key to leap into the air in a spinning fashion, hitting up to 8 enemies 4 times for 100% damage each hit.

    Military Might [Master Level : 20]
    Description : Increase attack by 15, increase HP and MP by 20%, increase speed by 20, and increase jump by 10 for 180 seconds.

    Katana Booster [Master Level : 10]
    Description : Increase attacking speed for 200 seconds.

    Unfaltering Blade [Master Level : 10]
    Description : Increase minimum and maximum critical hit damage by 25% and increase accuracy by 120.

    Third Job :

    Fuu Sanrenzan [Master Level : 20]
    [Required Skill : Jin Sanrenzan Level 20]
    Description : Press the skill key continuously to attack up to three times, dealing 160% twice, 180% twice, and 200% three times to up to 6 targets.

    Battoujutsu Soul [Master Level : 20]
    [Required Skill : Battoujutsu Stance Level 20]
    Description : Increase critical rate by 40% and increase stun chance by 40%. In addition, all monsters within the vicinity of your character will receive 160% damage continuously. Permanently increase weapon attack by 20.

    Whirlwind Cut [Master Level : 20]
    [Required Skill : Dankuusen Level 15]
    Description : Hit up to 6 enemies 3 times for 380% damage. This skill can be combined with Shouryuusen to deal an addition 100% damage. In addition, Whirlwind Cut retains the ability to push enemies, similarly to skills like Rush. Passive effect : Dankuusen and Shouryuusen damage +50%.

    Sweeping Sword [Master Level : 20]
    Description : Attack up to 10 targets 6 times for 150% damage. You will be jut forward and back in a boomerang-like fashion, bringing in any monsters that survive. Adds a dramatic effect to the camera that will make the camera unable to follow you if you move too quickly.

    Tornado Blade [Master Level : 20]
    Description : Attack up to 8 enemies 7 times for 200% damage with a 100% critical rate.
    [Cool Down Time] : 4 seconds

    Willow Dodge [Master Level : 10]
    Description : Increase dodge rate by 25%. When you successfully evade an enemy's attack, there's a 60% chance to increase your damage by 6%. This buff can be stacked up to 5 times for a total of 30% damage.

    Warrior's Heart [Master Level : 10]
    Description : When you hit an enemy with a critical hit, there's a 30% success rate to recover 3% HP.

    Merciless Blade [Master Level : 10]
    Description : When attacking a target, there's a 20% chance to hit an enemy with a damage over time effect, dealing 150% damage every second for 5 seconds.

    Fourth Job :

    Rai Sanrenzan [Master Level : 30]
    [Required Skill : Fuu Sanrenzan Level 20]
    Description : An upgraded version of previous Sanrenzan attacks. Press the skill key continuously to attack up to three times, dealing 220% twice, 250% twice, and 300% three times to up to 6 targets. In addition, at a 30% success rate, you will deal 410% damage with an extra hit to 6 targets. The extra attack numbers will show up as green numbers.
    This skill does not require a Mastery Book.

    Shinsoku [Master Level : 30]
    Description : Attacks a single target 10 times for 162% damage per hit.

    Falcon Dive [Master Level : 20]
    [Required Skill : Whirlwind Cut Level 20]
    Description : Jump up into the air and quickly charge downward at enemies to do 190% damage to 8 targets 6 times. This attack can be combined with many other skills in your arsenal to greatly reduce delays and perform very fast and powerful attacks. In addition, Shouryuusen, Dankuusen, and Whirlwind Cut skill damages are increased by +100%.

    Hitokiri Strike [Master Level : 30]
    Description : Rush at your opponents with amazing speed and power. Hit up to 15 targets for 455% damage each hit. When used, receive a 40 second buff that increases your critical rate by 45%.
    [Cool Down Time] : 90 seconds

    Iron Skin [Master Level : 20]
    Description : For 180 seconds, increase status effect resistance and elemental resistance by 50%.

    Jinsoku [Master Level : 30]
    Description : At a 45% success rate, when you successfully dodge an enemy's attacks, you will receive a buff that will reduce the damage you take by 35%. In addition, your dodge rate will be increased by 40% passively.

    Cleaver [Master Level : 30]
    Description : A passive buff that increases your ignore target defense stat by 35% and your total damage by 30%.

    Akatsuki Hero [Master Level : 30]
    Description : Increases all stats by 15% for 900 seconds.
    This skill does not require a Mastery Book.

    Akatsuki Blossoms [Master Level : 5]
    Description : Eliminate the seduce status effect.
    [Cool Down Time] : 360 seconds
    This skill does not require a Mastery Book.

    Counter Attack [Master Level : 15]
    Description : When attacked, at a 20% success rate, your character will counter the enemy's attack, hitting up to 3 targets for 195% damage.
    This skill does not require a Mastery Book.

    Bloodletter [Master Level : 10]
    [Required Skill : Merciless Blade Level 10]
    Description : An upgraded version of Merciless Blade; increases the activation rate to 30% and increases the damage over time to 170% per second for 5 seconds.
    This skill does not require a Mastery Book.

    Hyper Skills :

    Falcon's Honor [Master Level : 1]
    [Required Level : 170]
    Descritpion : Hayato summons a great sword, with the help of the clan representatives of Momijigaoka, dealing 500% damage 8 times to 14 enemies.
    [Cool Down Time] : 8 seconds

    Princess' Vow [Master Level : 1]
    [Required Level : 200]
    Description : Hayato's loyalty to Princess Sakuno enhances his strength, boosting his total damage by 10% and raising his maximum damage by 5,000,000. This effect only applies to Hayato and any other Akatsuki no Jin members in the same party.
    [Cool Down Time] : 120 seconds

    God of Blades [Master Level : 1]
    [Required Level : 150]
    Description : Hayato's blade is enhanced, boosting his attack power by 50, as well as increasing status resistances and elemental resistances to 100% for 30 seconds.
    [Cool Down Time] : 90 seconds

    Shinsoku - Reinforce [Master Level : 1]
    [Required Level : 183]
    Description : Increases the attack power of each attack of Shinsoku by 20%.

    Shinsoku - Extra Strike [Master Level : 1]
    [Required Level : 143]
    Description : Increases the total number of attacks on Shinsoku by 1.

    Shinsoku - Boss Rush [Master Level : 1]
    [Required Level : 162]
    Description : Increases the damage against bosses while using Shinoku by 20%.

    Falcon Dive - Reinforce [Master Level : 1]
    [Required Level : 189]
    Description : Increases the damage on each attack of Falcon Dive by 20%.

    Falcon Dive - Spread [Master Level : 1]
    [Required Level : 168]
    Description : Increases the total number of monsters affected by Falcon Dive by 2.

    Falcon Dive - Extra Strike [Master Level : 1]
    [Required Level : 149]
    Description : Increases the number of times Falcon Dive damages an enemy by 1.

    Hitokiri Strike - Extra Strike [Master Level : 1]
    [Required Level : 155]
    Description : Increases the number of times Hitokiri Strike hits an enemy by 1.

    Hitokiri Strike - Cooldown Cutter [Master Level : 1]
    [Required Level : 177]
    Description : Removes the cool down time of Hitokiri Strike by 100%.

    First Job Skill Build


    Second Job Skill Build


    Third Job Skill Build


    Fourth Job Skill Build


    Hyper Skills

    Hyper Skills depend entirely how you wish to play or build your character. If you want to be primarily revolving around boss runs, go with things like the increased boss damage enhancements. If you want better mobbing abilities, go for the increased target count enhancements. Remember that Hitokiri Strike's cool down removal does not mean it can be spammed like any other skill. It will still have a bit of a delay. Depending on how far away from the server you live, that delay can last around 5 seconds. Now, for me personally, since I like both going to bosses and having insane mobbing abilities, this is along the lines of what I would get :

    [Active Skills]
    1 Falcon's Honor
    1 God of Blades
    1 Princess' Vow

    [Enhancement Skills]
    1 Hitokiri Strike - Cooldown Cutter
    1 Hitokiri Strike - Extra Strike
    1 Falcon Dive - Spread
    1 Falcon Dive - Reinforce
    1 Falcon Dive - Extra Strike

    [Stat Enhancements]
    1 Hyper Strength
    1 Hyper Dexterity
    1 Hyper Critical Rate
    1 Hyper Health
    1 Hyper Mana
    1 Hyper Weapon Defense

    Now, the reason I would get these particularly is the fact that, well... The first three skills are a given. You have 3 points, 3 skills, and they all only consume 1 skill point each. For the stat enhancements, it's all pretty basic. Strength gives you STR, Dexterity gives you DEX, Critical Rate is always nice, Health helps you live, Mana is nice for how much Hayato uses mana, and Weapon Defense helps Hayato's damage due to his beginner passive. As far as the skill enhancements go, however, I would never touch any of the Shinsoku buffs. I don't like the skill at all, as I feel it takes away from the core experience of Hayato and I feel like, even with the enhancements, it does not do enough damage to compare to the other options Hayato has in his arsenal. That said, all 5 of the skill points you get can go to the rest of the skills. All of the Falcon Dive skills help with everything and the enhancements to Hitokiri Strike make it phenomenal.

    Skill Combinations

    The thing about Hayato is, this class was built for combining skills together. He has quite a large variety of ways to combine his many skills together for tasks such as getting around maps quickly, killing off mobs quicker, and taking down bosses with the highest damage possible. In this section, I will try to explain each of these combinations.

    Surging Blade x3
    This one is very important. This is how you will get from point A to point B on a horizontal platform as quickly as possible. Pressing the Surging Blade key three times, then having a very slight pause, then pressing it three times again will make Hayato cast the first swing of the skill the place of where the 4th swing would be cast. You see, if you were to cast the 4th swing of the blade, there would be a massive delay, preventing you from using it again, which limits your ability to get across the map in record time.

    Surging Blade x# + Dankuusen
    This combination is probably one of the most basic : using Dankuusen to extend the area of the map you cover when using your skills for mobility. This works no matter how many times you press the Surging Blade key. This combination is great for killing mobs as you move from point A to point B on a horizontal platform, but there will be a delay when you use Dankuusen, preventing this from being the absolute best combination for movement speed. Plus, after testing, Dankuusen does not cover nearly the same distance as Surging Blade x3 does.

    Shouryuusen + Dankuusen
    This is another basic combination. In fact, it's so basic, it's labeled in the skills themselves. Simply, cast Shouryuusen to launch monsters into the air, then quickly press the Dankuusen key to have Hayato automatically jump into the air and charge at the targets, dealing a critical for every hit at a 100% rate.

    Shouryuusen + Whirlwind Cut
    This is another pretty basic combination. It follows the same exact trend as Shouryuusen + Dankuusen. You simply use Shouryuusen to launch monsters into the air, then press the Whirlwind Cut key to have Hayato charge at the targets in mid-air. The difference with this combination is that it is more powerful, due to the nature of Whirlwind Cut.

    Vapor Blade + Dankuusen
    This is yet another basic combination. This is great for getting to elevated areas, such as higher platforms and whatnot. Following with Dankuusen will allow you to sweep out any enemies on the platform you're aiming for. Moreover, this combination is great for traversing through maps where relying on Surging Blade x3 would not be possible (from the top of my head, the Abandoned Mine and Cave of Trial maps leading to Zakum would be an example of this).

    Vapor Blade + Whirlwind Cut
    This is basically the same as Vapor Blade + Dankuusen. The only difference is that Whirlwind Cut allows for stronger attacks, is a little slower, and it actually pushes you upward a little, unlike Dankuusen, which is entirely horizontal. This can be used to get up on higher platforms that would be normally out of reach with just Vapor Blade alone.

    Vapor Blade + Falcon Dive
    This combination will grant you the best vertical height of any other combination you can fathom. This is amazing for getting up on higher platforms that would be out of reach otherwise. A properly timed Falcon Dive, at peak height after using Vapor Blade, will allow you to get to places most classes can't go. Of course, this doesn't match up to Mechanic's thrusters, the Nova class' chain skills, or anything like that, but it'll give you a significant advantage over other classes if used properly.

    Sweeping Sword + Dankuusen
    This is probably the most commonly used combination for third job training. Sweeping Sword is great for pulling in mobs and Dankuusen is great for finishing them off. Both skills deal great amounts of damage and are pretty quick. Moreover, you can queue Dankuusen after pressing the Sweeping Sword skill key to attack immediately after Sweeping Sword's animation is finished, to reduce delay time. The only negative to this combination is that Sweeping Sword makes your camera slow down to the point where it doesn't follow your character around very well. You might see yourself flying off-camera quite a bit.

    Falcon Dive + Dankuusen
    Like me, you will probably start out in fourth job grinding using this combination. It's quick and it's simple. Falcon Dive hits for great damage and Dankuusen is great for movement and damage. Together, they offer insane sweeping ability to knock out all mobs on a single platform in record time.

    Falcon Dive + Whirlwind Cut + Dankuusen
    This is my favorite sweeping skill combination. It covers a great amount of area while basically killing everything in your path. All three of the skills are very powerful and are quick. It's a lot like the Falcon Dive + Dankuusen combination, but it's more effective for killing stronger enemies or just sweeping out an entire platform.

    Falcon Dive + Sanrenzan
    This is the best combination for maximum DPS. Using Sanrenzan immediately after Falcon Dive reduces the delay for the transition between the skills, allowing for the two skills to look as if they're just one skill.

    Hitokiri Strike + Dankuusen
    This one is a little less necessary than any other combination. Considering Hitokiri Strike covers a very large amount of area and has a chance to one-hit kill any targets within its path, the usage of Dankuusen will likely never be necessary. However, following Hitokiri Strike with Dankuusen will reduce the delay you see at the end of Hitokiri Strike. Personally, I like to see that delay, because it looks badass, but that's just my opinion.

    Tips and Advice

    • I would advise pressing the key for Surging Blade for each separate hit, rather than holding the key down, because it makes it a lot easier to control.
    • Surging Blade has invulnerability frames. I would highly suggest making use of this as much as possible.
    • Surging Blade can be used in special maps, such as jump quests, Zakum's prerequisite's stage 1, and the like. In fact, it's your only move that you can really defend yourself with in those maps, as everything else is disabled.
    • Learn to control Vapor Blade. Jumping, then double tapping the up arrow key, will grant you a lot more height than using it from the ground. Moreover, after you've jumped into the air, you can control how high you get Vapor Blade to go by executing it with proper timing. If your character is starting to fall, for example, executing Vapor Blade will give you a lesser height gain than using it at the peak of a jump. This is extremely useful for many cases.
    • Using attacks in mid-air after using Vapor Blade will prevent you from hitting a massive delay when you land. Just about any attack will do.
    • You can temporarily fix the camera issue with Sweeping Sword by adjusting the resolution you play MapleStory in, by changing channels, by going to different maps, or anything else that would reset the screen.
    • Hitokiri Strike can be used to prevent Papulatus from going into his shell, when he uses his 1/1 attack. Time Hitokiri Strike so it hits Papulatus right when he casts 1/1 and he'll stay vulnerable.
    • The Falcon Dive + Sanrenzan combination will not be available in all situations. In some situations, you may find yourself spamming Sanrenzan over and over, due to either the terrain, the bosses'/monsters' hit boxes, having to deal with other party members, and stuff like that. It is, however, extremely effective for damage when it is possible to use it.
    • Pushing monsters around using Whirlwind Cut can be a frustrating experience, when Battoujutsu Stance's attack radius is hitting the target. I would suggest using Sanrenzan on the target, then follow up with Whirlwind Cut, in order to get it to move where you want it to go.
    • Counter Attack currently has a bug in JMS. When it activates at Horntail, it will disconnect you, giving you a hacking error. There's no chance of actually getting banned due to this, but until this is fixed, I would suggest not putting points into this skill, if you plan on going to Horntail at all.
    • Be creative. If you're not creative with this class, you'll likely not get the most out of it. The more creative you are with your combinations, the more fun it will be. The combinations I have listed are only some of what you can pull off, so experiment!
    • Always remember : Hayato has many ways to play it, but only those who can master it will get the most out of it. Never give up. Keep trying.

    Video Examples



    All credits go to myself, of course, for creating the build and experiencing the class first-hand.

    As I said, I will add more information as the days come, but for now, you can find more information about the class, as well as more information about Kanna, at and you can find videos at

    If you have any suggestions for this guide, feel free to comment with those suggestions.
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  2. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    Yanagi Yoke almost never activates, at least from personal experience in those levels, it should be put off till last or second-to-last. It isn't reliable to enough to give it higher priority over actual attacks, or more useful skills like Shintou Mekkyaku.

  3. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    The dodge rate alone is good enough to max it that early, in my opinion.

    Also, Yanagi Yoke activates a lot for me at Master Guardians. I think it's more likely to activate from physical damage than magical damage. *shrug*

  4. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    You're not really up against anything so directly to warrant more dodge rate, and even if you are you wouldn't have to worry if you just learned Shintou Mekkyaku first. Dodge rate is 100% useless in that level range.

    Yanagi Yoke might honestly be the most useless skill in the 3rd Job range.

  5. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    I don't think so. Sure, it could go after Shintou Mekkyaku - I won't argue with that. However, the attacking skills after those in the build are all pretty unnecessary. Sanrenzan doesn't give a major boost, Hikarasu is only useful for dragging in mobs/pulling of sweet techniques, and Senpuu no Yaiba isn't exactly the best skill in your arsenal, with its cool down. Kurenai Jabaku is pretty worthless in 3rd job unless you fight bosses.

  6. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    If the proc rate for Yanagi was far higher than what it is I could see it being worthwhile to level up sooner, but it rarely procs let alone stacks. It procs so rarely that the buff effect is completely negligible.

    At least when I'm leveling up my main attacking skills I know the damage increase is reliable and not something that'll show up once in a blue moon. Yanagi is a skill that sounds good in theory but doesn't do any good when actually in-game. Why put a skill that you hardly ever see used over skills you actually use all the time and actually help you? ''Hikarasu is only useful for dragging in mobs''... Hikarasu is hands down one of Hayato's best attacks at this point in the game. (Can't speak for 4th Job) It's part of his ''ultimate'' combo; the same few attacks you spam during training.

    Even if leveling up certain attack skills don't add much attack, that's a hell of a lot more than you'll get from Yanagi. Yanagi just isn't worth leveling until second-to-last or last, because before that point you won't get any use out of it at all. I know I sure as hell haven't noticed that piece of pomegranate and I'm Lv107 so far. If you got more use out of it at Masters then that proves my point: Save it till later; you get nothing out of it before then.

    It's pretty basic: ''Level this skill that's never seen, or level these skills that are used constantly?''

  7. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    Hikarasu is only a 19% damage difference between level 1 and level 20 (131% to 150%). Plus, the main damage coming from combos used with Hikarasu comes from the other skills you're using. It's even less important than dodge rate, in my opinion. Sanrenzan is only a 40% difference between level 1 and 20, per hit. That seems like the only worthwhile skill swapping out positions with the two passives, but as I'm sure you can attest to, Sanrenzan isn't a big enough skill in third job to make it necessary to max so early, since you're way more likely to be using Dankuusen, Senpuuzan, Shouryuusen and Hikarasu.

    Really, it doesn't make a huge difference. I think you're exaggerating a little here. I'd take +25% dodge rate over tiny damage boosts that probably won't be reflected in my numbers, any day.

  8. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    You guys all suck. It took several months before anyone pointed out my errors in the 4th job build.

    It has been corrected. Now Shinsoku Musou caps at 26.

  9. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    Skill build updated for Tempest.

    I really hate what Nexon did with Hayato and Kanna post-Tempest. They screwed us over - especially Hayato. :|

  10. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build


  11. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    Eh... I forgot to edit it. I'll fix the 4th job build later. Apparently, there's 1 SP missing from 4th job as well.

  12. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    So, they changed the advancement levels, but not the max levels on the skills?

  13. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    They changed some of them, but not enough to make everything maxable again. :<

  14. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    Build updated to reflect the latest skill mastery level changes.

  15. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    Guide updated and ultimate-ified.

    Please post any suggestions you may have or any errors you may see.

  16. Mercury Straight Male
    IGN: StacknStick
    Server: Windia
    Level: 200
    Job: Phantom
    Guild: Exist
    Alliance: DreamHome
    Farm: ButcherDen

    Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    Will you alter your build/give it another section if GMS alters the way Hayato plays like they did with the tempest classes? Assuming it's gonna be something minimal, like a cooldown on some of the combo skills or the like.

  17. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    I will be extremely depressed if they do something like that, but yes, I'll try my best to do so.

  18. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    As reluctant as I am to do so at the moment, the guide as been reposted and a couple of errors have been corrected in the process.

    A 4th job build revision will come soon.

  19. Default Re: Hayato Skill Build

    Alternative 4th job skill builds have been posted.

    If you have any suggestions for these builds, or even ideas for more alternative builds, please feel free to comment.



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