I been trying to setup Maple on my Macbook all night now, and I'm done, going to sleep ._.
But I'd really appreciate help to wake up to in the morning :/

Okay. So I have VirtualBox with Windows XP Service Pack 3.
After I set that up and downloaded and installed Maple, it wouldn't "run on virtual machine"
So, I followed a guide and got passed that (renaming VBOX to NOBOX)
Maple loaded, I clicked PLAY, but then I got the DLL Class error -.-
But then I fixed that too by downloading the 32-Bit link Nexon provided as a fix.
Now, I got up to after BlackCipher loads and then I got the Error Code -2147 Unspecified Error..

And I tried updating my drivers but they're all up to date.
And compatibility is unchecked too.

Somebody please help me out here. It's taking me forever to get Maple working on my Mac and I don't wanna give up now after all my efforts and time.

Thanks <3