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  1. Default Leafre Set Bonus

    I have the leafre set bonus and I have +1 every skill, but for my skills that are level 30, they don't go over... are they not supposed to or is this a glitch?

  2. Default Re: Leafre Set Bonus

    Only Combat Orders goes over the limit.
    Oh, and apparently Inner Ability.

  3. Default Re: Leafre Set Bonus

    Yeah, the Leafre codex and potential/set effect +1 skill levels don't break the cap, only Combat Orders and Inner Abilities do.

  4. Default Re: Leafre Set Bonus

    To be a bit more specific, Combat order is the only skill that can break the "hard cap" if you will.
    Leafre set and Potential lines will add onto skills as long as they don't reach the hard cap.

    eg your MW there is probably at 10 with MW 20 not passed yet. Leafre set and potential lines (And Empress set too, I think) will take it past 10. Call this a soft cap if you like.

    You Toxic Venom caps at 10 tho, and the leafre set doesn't effect this, only CO will.

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    Default Re: Leafre Set Bonus

    Inner Ability will also go over the "hard cap," that you refer to. There is a screenshot from someone that has MW 33 (+3) because of Combat Order and the +1 from Inner Ability. Too lazy to look for the thread now but when I run into it, I'll edit my post.

  6. Default Re: Leafre Set Bonus

    Inner Ability one option that increase skill lvls above cap, and that is +1 to all passive skills. I thought that was the only cap breaker but I could be wrong.

  7. Default Re: Leafre Set Bonus

    Slightly off topic but if you have a +1 (some skill) equip then the Leafre Set will glitch and give you +2 Skill Levels in ALL jobs.
    My Reverse Pescas gives me +1 Boomerang Step and I get +2 in every job for every non-maxed Skill from 1-4th Job.

  8. Default Re: Leafre Set Bonus

    Are you sure you don't have a potential line that adds +2 to skills? or maybe when you saw this you were in a party with a Paladin?

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    Default Re: Leafre Set Bonus

    Does that glitch still exist? I remember SSes being posted about that.

  10. Default Re: Leafre Set Bonus

    Last time I logged on, this being 2 days ago, it was still there.

    I am sure. I have it and see it all the time, and I am almost never on a party. Also if I was with a Paladin then it would be +3 (+2 CO and +1 Leafre). I don't have any potential that adds to skills all I have is the Leafre Set and my Reverse Pescas with +1 Boomerang Step.



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