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Thread: [Galicia] B>Magic mastery & flame wheel

  1. Default B>Magic mastery & flame wheel

    Both level 10 Only flame wheel now, I cant get these myself from czak because Im too weak and I will most likely die serveral times trying to go there with a party.
    The price Im looking for is 150-200m per book if you scissor and 10-30m each if I provide scissor.

    Would prefer if you pm me here on southperry or post in this thread if you could help me out.
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    Although rare, you can get them as drops from normal zak.

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    I've done 20 zak's so far and only got dual blader books, thats why Im giving up on him and rather want to buy from people who go czak.

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    Got magic mastery, only need flame wheel 10 now.



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