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    This morning at LHC a surfboard dropped from a crocky. My party member looted it and said it was a PSB. I was especially happy because I lost my PSB in a hacking incident which is the reason I stopped playing on my Aran (dumb reason, I know). But I'm a little skeptical that the surfboard that dropped was actually a PSB. Since the psb and the green one (I think) share the same skin, could he have been pulling my leg? I'd love to trust him, but it just seems like one of those "too good to be true" things.

    Any confirmation that PSBs drop from monsters your level in this event?

  2. Default Re: Surfboard event and PSB

    Couldn't you just loot a crocky card and check the drop table? I believe it would show in there.

  3. Default Re: Surfboard event and PSB

    That was the first thing I did when it dropped and no surfboards are displayed.

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    I've found 5 or 6 of those PSB's they seem to have a regular drop rate along with other equips. But they don't show up in the drop lists. I assume it's only mobs within a specific range that drop them since Iíve found nothing but purple ones.

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    They're not the regular PSBs, they're Super Summer PSBs! Slightly higher base attack is the only difference I believe. I found like 10 at Mutant Pigs hunting for familiars, they're fairly common. They drop from mobs and come from the ice chest things that drop too. I would assume lower level mobs drop the lower level ones but I don't know for sure, since none of them show up on the Codex drop list.



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