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Thread: just koreans

  1. Default just koreans

    how the hell do you even do this

    for those who has no idea what this is about:
    there's a 171 kaiser in my guild.
    the job was released about 9 hours ago.
    I saw him level from 10 to 31.

    I know that he is being leeched with every exp attribute possible(potions, hs, pendants, coupons etc etc)

    but I still don't get how he goes about this.
    I know the guy and he's legit to the bone

  2. Meme Oppressor Bi Transgender - Female to Male
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    Default Re: just koreans

    Amazing how he got the IGN "Cyber"

  3. Default Re: just koreans

    Man I made it to level 30..

  4. Default Re: just koreans

    It took me a week to get my evan to 170 on 6x.... wtp is this madness

  5. Default Re: just koreans

    he's 191 now

  6. Neutron Female
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    Default Re: just koreans

    Never underestimate Asians!

  7. Euro Minicar Straight Male
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    Default Re: just koreans

    and its kms too lol where there is no OP exp crazy

  8. Default Re: just koreans

    It took me more than 5 years to get to 150 on 1 character with several 9x mules. :C This makes me sad...

  9. AFK at Ch 18 Leafre Straight Male
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    Default Re: just koreans

    Lv 200 in a day; it'll happen.

  10. Default Re: just koreans

    I wish people would train with me so I could level that fast. :(

  11. Default Re: just koreans

    I'm not sure how this is possible in kms...

    I could maybe see it happening in GMS, where we have aliens and jesters.... but really?

    I'll also never understand why people want to rush to 200 so quickly. I mean, I could understand wanting to get to 4th job and skipping 1st, 2nd, and 3rd job... but being practically done with a character within a day? That's just boring to me. I guess it's a matter of e-peen.

  12. Default Re: just koreans

    Not really seeing as how it's the Korean version, so most English words are available.

  13. Default Re: just koreans

    They wanna be number one in the rankings for the class >__<

  14. Default Re: just koreans

    21 hours

    credits to Oinks from EF for taking the picture.

  15. Default Re: just koreans

    He beat the GMS phantom by 3 hours.
    Impressive considering that he had to train on non lhc mobs till 165.
    What's his damage like?
    I'm guessing lots of damage caps?

  16. Default Re: just koreans

    350k damage range

    he did 7 zakums, 7 horntails and then 7 chaos zakums and 7 chaos horntails

  17. Default Re: just koreans

    I'd love a video right now.

  18. Default Re: just koreans

    this obviously doesn't suffice as a bossing video.
    the way he did it was to buy entrance coupons from cash shop.
    you can buy all you want, but only use 5 a day.

    credits to luckyten from ellinforest for recording it

  19. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
    IGN: Musiphe
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 277
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    Guild: Epic
    Alliance: Fatal

    Default Re: just koreans

    350k range and he's only doing 400-600k non-crits with that skill? I'm really surprised.



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