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  1. Default Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    I'm new to Southperry and here's some info about myself.

    Name: HelloKitty (Nah just call me mei :3 -everyone calls me that on maple)
    Age: 19
    Location: Canada
    When I started playing Maple & what server: Started playing in 2004, started in Windia still playing there
    Other Games I play: none at the moment
    Where I heard about SP: everywhere
    Reason for Registering: I want to join all the Maple Forums. lol xD
    Three interesting facts about me are:

    1) Fluent in 3 languages
    2) Entering University this September
    3) And uhh... I'm starting fresh in Maplestory on a new server in September!

    So I've introduced myself. Hope I'll meet you all :)

  2. In my dreams... Gay Male
    IGN: CalmSonata
    Server: YMardiaCK
    Level: 200
    Job: Phantom
    Guild: Kinetic/Ceremonials
    Alliance: Southperu
    Farm: GagaVille

    Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    Welcome to Southperry, Mei! What three languages can you speak? :o

  3. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs

    Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    Hello there Mei! Hope you enjoy your stay here.

    I just feel someone has to post it.

  4. Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    Best. name. ever.
    But seriously, Welcome to Southperry! Corn will give you the proper intro.

  5. Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    Easily in the top five. We don't have a MyLittlePony that I know of, so you win.

    Anyway, I'd mention something about tropical fruit and various rodents, but Corn would hit me, so welcome to Southperry, where everyone is chic, unique, and magnifique!

    Seriously, we need to come up with something for that.

  6. Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    Yay, more Windians! :D
    Welcome, welcome, welcome.



  7. Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    No one took RainbowDash. I'm calling it.
    I wonder where Corn is. Oh well, I should give some insight about corn.
    Corn is pretty much the official greeter of SP.

  8. Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    More or less. Corn has this way of hitting the nail right on the head for greetings here.

    It's a gift.

  9. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
    Corn's Avatar [Jr. Event Coordinator]

    IGN: ClawofBeta
    Server: LoL.NA
    Level: 30
    Job: Bot Lane
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A

    Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    Wait a second Aircalibur421 who the hell are -

    Oh whatever. Welcome to Southperry, the land of chinchillas, pineapples, and opossums.

  10. Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    I get slightly nervous whenever I see that someone goes to university and has a Canadian flag in their post in case they're a Golden Hawk.


  11. Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    I wouldn't think to hard about it Corn.
    Last edited by Aircalibur; 2012-07-21 at 01:11 PM. Reason: I suck?

  12. Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    Close your tags ;_;

  13. Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    I almost took that name. Almost.
    Welcome to Southperry. ^_^

  14. Can of Soup Male
    IGN: LunaMimosa
    Server: El Nido
    Level: 134
    Job: OP Elf Queen
    Guild: Some no-name guild
    Alliance: Read above.

    Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    Hi there. HK is quite awesome. Welcome to the forums~

    I'm gonna take a few intuitive guesses. 2 Of the three is English and French.

    The 3rd...? hm, Italian? Chinese?

    Let me know how close, or far off I was!

  15. Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    People here are so nice :D thanks, and my third language is indeed chinese. Also french and english

    Yes! Future Golden Hawk~

  16. Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty


  17. Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    You go to laurier?

  18. Default Re: Hi, I'm HelloKitty

    Hawk shmawk...


    Also P.S. Play Bera *nod nod*



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