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Thread: Equip deleted?

  1. Cash7 Equip deleted?

    Sometime between 6 and 6:30 PST this evening, my glasses just vanished without a trace. I heard mentions of an item rollback, but I've had these glasses since May, and furthermore got them myself from drops. Pretty sure it wasn't an account hacking, since I was logged in when it happened and my info hasn't changed. Has anyone else suddenly lost a piece of equipment today, especially during that timeframe?

    ...oops, missed PZak in anxious rush to post thread. GG, self. GG.

  2. Default Re: Equip deleted?

    did you use storage? it tends to eat equips switching characters (i'm afraid of it ashasdhfs)

    only thing I can think of.

  3. Default Re: Equip deleted?

    Yeah, I've heard stories of people's money going missing in storage. I was wearing them, though. AFK'd for a few minutes, tabbed back, BAM my face is naked.

    ...maybe I should be afraid of AFKing :'D

  4. Default Re: Equip deleted?

    What kind of glasses were they?

  5. Default Re: Equip deleted?

    Everything can happen in this game. Last week, 80m vanished from my character. A couple months ago, someone purchased my Zhelm for 200m. I had 130m before the sale, 130m after.

  6. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Equip deleted?

    Not me, but a person in my alliance claims to have lost his shoes (ordinary shoes, though epic. not any kind of vss), zombie rings, and meso (only a few mil, but on several chars on the account) while logged in, a few hours ago.

  7. Default Re: Equip deleted?

    You'd only laugh ;_; They're the ones you get from Xerxes, nothing super valuable -- I just have great affection for them, and also no money.

    No storage shenanigans involved in that, huh? I guess I was lucky to have escaped unscathed thus far...

    Sounds about the right timeframe. Nothing makes sense ;_;

  8. Default Re: Equip deleted?

    Yeah I'm stumped then. No idea how this could happen or what would cause it. Nexon doesn't delete items except during server checks (to my knowledge.)

  9. Deluxe Refrigerator
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    Default Re: Equip deleted?

    I'm scared.

    Between equips being deleted while logged on, glitchy bans when you get d/c'd, and bombing hackers, I think I'll just not log on for a while.

  10. Default Re: Equip deleted?

    But then you'll just get mysteriously hacked! You'll never be safe no matter what you do!

  11. Default Re: Equip deleted?


    I don't care about the death-hackers at present, really -- they're not pervasive enough to actually affect my experience. The disappearing equipment does seriously worry me... I don't know if I can afford not to stock up on Renegades coins, though, seeing as I metaphorically have nothing but metaphorical lint and metaphorical pennies in my metaphorical pockets.

    Time to put that stickied password-reset trick into use? Can't imagine who'd want to hack me, except maybe out of personal revenge or something dramatic like that. If I even knew anyone who cared that much...

    //edit: LOL, I sent in a ticket and it was closed today with the automated "that's sad to hear, go post on the official forums" response that was applied to all of my previous glitch reports.

  12. Default Re: Equip deleted?

    Yeah, I've had six people hacked in my guild in the past month, I've just gotten so paranoid about everything that I just leave the game on whenever I can, and stay away from everything like the FM or CH.1 Henesys.

    Not that I have anything majorly valuable, but still.

    I know! I should submit a ticket about hacking concerns! That'll fix everything!

  13. Default Re: Equip deleted?

    yeah I don't bother any more with those tickets since it's an automated "get the pineapple out of here, go complain on the internet" (their forums)

    this is really odd, and definitely an eye-opener

  14. Default Re: Equip deleted?

    My objection to that is mostly that they tend not to check the glitch reporting section of their forums, or at the very least, they don't actively respond that often.

    It'd be nice if there was at least a 'Thank you for reporting this issue; a GM will be looking into it shortly' more often. Sometimes it happens, but not often enough to give me faith in the system yet.

  15. Default Re: Equip deleted?

    While soloing Zakum just a few minutes ago:


    My skills started acting wonky toward the end and weren't casting properly after several attempts but finally went through, then a tiny lag spike pops up and hey! Banned!

  16. Default Re: Equip deleted?

    Holy crap a MONTH long ban? That's retarded. Watch them not even compensate people that are getting hit with this.

  17. Deluxe Refrigerator
    IGN: MrTouchnGo
    Server: Bera
    Level: 199
    Job: Shadower
    Guild: Ivalice
    Alliance: Bastion

    Default Re: Equip deleted?

    ...I'm glad I have been inactive. x_x

  18. Default Re: Equip deleted?

    I've had it where one of my Evo rings de evolved... if that make senses. Went from Level 17 to Level 15.

    And I lost 2 Rat Mouths.

    But sorry to hear that.

  19. Default Re: Equip deleted?

    I haven't even had my ticket looked at that I've been sending about how my account was compromised last year and they took my NX and crap through that BS MTS system.

    Getting really annoying now, and writing ANOTHER ticket that will most likely be ignored. Again.

  20. Default Re: Equip deleted?


    I'm getting ready for hibernation anyway; I suppose it's not so important to get ~all teh coinz~ or whatever. Gonna cash in all the ones I currently have, complete some in-progress things, and just... put Maple on the virtual shelf until later.

    Hopefully storage doesn't eat anything while I'm shufflin' things around for the "winter"...



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